Nate Ross

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Name Nate Ross
Actor N/A
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Police Officer (Former)
Episode(s) 9.20 Bloodlines


Nate Ross was the father of Ennis Ross, he was a police officer for the Chicago PD who supposedly died some time ago in the line of duty. Nate had a close relationship with Freddie Costa, having mentored him during his time on the force.


9.20 Bloodlines

After being questioned and released by the police, Ennis heads home and begins to go through his fathers old foot locker, in it he finds his father's old service revolver along with six silver bullets. When asked about his family, he tells Sam and Dean about Nate's death years before in the line of duty, but soon after receives a call warning him not to continue hunting. Ennis is shocked as the voice is his dead father, but Nate hangs up without answering Ennis' questions.