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Name Muriel
Actor Britt Irvin
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Theo)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.09 Holy Terror


Muriel is an angel who has taken a neutral stance in the war between Malachi and Bartholomew.


9.09 Holy Terror

When Castiel prays for help from an angel, it is Muriel who shows up at his motel door. Though she is at first reluctant to hear Castiel out and help him, as Castiel is making his case to her, Theo and another of Malachi'a soldiers burst through the door and capture them.

Muriel and Castiel are then taken to Malachi's base of operations and tortured for information. When Castiel refuses to give Malachi information on Metatron's weaknesses, he orders Theo to kill Muriel.


Muriel in Lore

Muriel is the angel of emotions, who is said to help people get in touch with their emotions and deepest feelings.