Mrs. Chandler

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Name Ellie Chandler
Actor Alberta Mayne
Location Flint, Michigan
Occupation Drama teacher
Episode(s) 10.05 Fan Fiction


Ellie Chandler is the drama teacher at St. Alphonso's Academy in Flint, Michigan. She had gone through a particularly nasty divorce the year prior, which caused her to develop a drinking problem.


10.05 Fan Fiction

After not being able to take the bickering between Marie and the other cast members putting on the Supernatural musical, she tells Marie that it is being cancelled. As she is leaving the school, Mrs. Chandler hears a noise in the bushes, and when she goes to investigate she is attacked by vines that pull her into the bushes.

After Sam is snatched by the Scarecrow he is dumped into the basement where he finds Mrs. Chandler and Maggie. It's there they all learn they have been kidnapped by the Greek goddess and muse Calliope. Calliope tells them that they were kidnapped because they were threats to the musical, as Sam attempts to fight her she telekinetically pins him to the wall. As Calliope tells Sam her plan, Maggie and Mrs. Chandler plan an attack. As Maggie nails Calliope in the head with a copy of the Odyssey Mrs. Chandler throws Sam the blessed stake, allowing him to kill the goddess.