Mrs. Butters

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Name Mrs. Butters
Subject B
Actor Megan Fay
Location Woods
Occupation Wood Nymph
Episode(s) 15.14 Last Holiday


Mrs. Butters is the name given to a wood nymph by the Men of Letters, as her true name is incomprehensible in any human language. At some time prior to World War II, she was captured and experimented on by the Thule Society before being found by the Men of Letters after she massacred over 200 Nazis. After learning that wood nymphs can become violently hostile when their home or family is attacked, Cuthbert Sinclair offered Mrs. Butters a home at the Men of Letters Bunker, to protect and take care of its members as the Bunker's housekeeper, which she gladly accepted.

When the Men of Letters did not return from the initiation of Henry Winchester and Josie Sands on August 12, 1958, (because unbeknownst to Mrs. Butters they were all killed in the massacre led by Abaddon), Mrs. Butters put herself and the Bunker in stand-by mode, where she remained until she was released in 2020 by Dean Winchester when he reset the Bunker's system, freeing her as she resumed keeping up the Bunker's overall appearance and making meals for Sam, Dean, and Jack.


15.14 Last Holiday


  • Mrs. Butters is not a fan of blue language.