Mr. Cromarty

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Name Mr. Cromarty
Actor Fulvio Cecere
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Seattle, Washington
Occupation Bodyguard
Episode(s) 13.15 A Most Holy Man


Mr. Cromarty worked under the employ of Margaret Astor as a bodyguard among many other duties, including killing for his employer.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

Mr. Cromarty is sent to the Patricia Hotel to steal the skull of St. Peter from thief Antonio Miele. Arriving at the hotel he finds Miele's room and proceeds to shoot Miele in the head; unfortunately Miele did not have the skull with him. As the Winchesters enter Miele's hotel room in search of the skull, they find his dead body before they are ambushed by Cromarty, who flashes a gun and fake police badge at the brothers and forces them to cuff themselves to the heater while he continues ransacking the room in search of any clues as to the location of the skull. Frustrated and finding nothing, Cromarty leaves the Winchesters cuffed to the heater, telling them he is going to call in the murder before he leaves.

After Father Lucca Camilleri knocks Sam unconscious and steals his clue, Cromarty stalks the priest down an alley next to the hotel, where he knocks Father Lucca out and steals the piece of paper that holds a tracking number for a package containing the skull. Cromarty retrieves the skull, bringing it to a meet with his employer Margaret Astor, who intends to auction it off to either Santino Scarpatti or Richard Greenstreet. When Richard Greenstreet offers Cromarty $1 million dollars to kill his employer and give him the skull, Cromarty without hesitation kills Maragaret, remarking that she should have given him a raise. As a fire fight breaks out, men on all sides are killed. When Cromarty turns his gun on Dean, he is stopped by Father Lucca whom Cromarty shoots, grazing his side; as he is about to take another shot at Dean, Cromarty is shot and killed by Sam.