Motels: Season 11

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The places Sam and Dean stay during each episode provides a very important backdrop to each episode. Whether they stay in a motel, squat, stay at Bobby's, or sleep in the car, we are reminded of their nomadic existence. The sets are always excellent, with wonderful attention to detail, the work of Production Designer Jerry Wanek.

The motels in particular have become a signature of the show with each one having a different theme and the set detail often containing in-jokes that only the most dedicated fan will get. Jensen said of the motel rooms: "Jerry Wanek's just a crazy guy, and likes to use his talents when he gets the ability to, and the motel rooms are his passion. source."

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Episode Accommodation/ Motel name Motel Location & Other Locations Trivia Picture
11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire None No sleeping happens in this episode.
11.02 Form and Void None Sam and Dean also get no sleep in this episode.
11.03 The Bad Seed Men of Letters Bunker Lebanon, Kansas Sam and Dean start out here, where Castiel is recovering.
11.04 Baby Baby On the road between Kansas and Oregon The boys are seen sleeping in The Most Important Object in the Universe, the 1967 Impala that has been in the family since 1973. Dean notably refers to Baby as "The Winchester Motel" in the episode.
Baby, aka, the Winchester Motel
11.05 Thin Lizzie Lizzie's Bed and Breakfast Museum Fall River, Massachusetts The boys stay in Lizzie Borden's room at a bed and breakfast in the historic home of the famous suspected hatchet killer. This is based on a bed and breakfast that exists in the real world. This is one of the few times the boys react to the over-the-top tackiness of their accommodations due to the flowery nature of their surroundings.
Lizzie Borden's Bedroom
11.06 Our Little World DD Dream Motel Fall River, Massachusetts Though still in Fall River, Sam and Dean move to the DD Dream Motel, which seems to be a "best of" of previous motels' greatest hits, reusing the wallpaper from 5.08 Changing Channels, as well as some well-loved favorites such as the green and blue monochrome paintings and the sunburst clock.
The DD Dream Motel
11.07 Plush None Minnesota There is a sad lack of motels in this episode.
11.08 Just My Imagination Men of Letters Bunker

Ray's Inn

Lebanon, Kansas

(In the past) Somewhere near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sam and Dean start out at the Bunker, where the kitchen has been taken over by Sam's childhood imaginary friend. Later we see flashbacks of Ray's Inn, where young Sam has been left behind by his father and brother. Ray's Inn appears to have a farm/country theme.
The Bunker's kitchen
Ray's Inn
11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou? Men of Letters Bunker Lebanon, Kansas The boys start out in the Bunker.
In the Bunker
11.10 The Devil in the Details None There is, again, a regrettable lack of motels in this episode.
11.11 Into the Mystic Men of Letters Bunker Lebanon, Kansas The boys start off at home before heading out.
The Bunker - Bathroom?l
11.12 Don't You Forget About Me Men of Letters Bunker

Jody's House

Lebanon, Kansas

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Once again, the boys start off in the Bunker, then take off to visit Jody Mills in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in a house that comes complete with plaid-covered furniture and an avocado Formica kitchen with matching plates.
In the Bunker with the Elvis
Jody's House