Morton House

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The Morton House

Morton house. One of our big fish. All right, we all know the legend. Every four years, supposedly, this becomes the most haunted place in America.

Ed Zeddmore, 3.13 Ghostfacers


The Morton House was owned by Freeman Daggett. Lonely and paranoid, he brought home corpses from the hospital where he worked and set them up in a macabre birthday celebration in his bomb shelter. He then committed suicide by overdosing on horse tranquilizers. After death, each year on February 29, he would capture and kill anyone in the house to continue his "celebration." This, combined with the spirits of the corpses he stole from the hospital who remain in the house as death echoes, gives the Morton House its reputation as the most haunted house in America.


3.13 Ghostfacers

The Ghostfacers decide to investigate the Morton House to document the existence of ghosts. While they are in the house, they come across a couple of death echos who are forced to replay their deaths in an infinite loop. After Sam and Dean arrive, they explain that multiple people have died in the house. After Freeman Daggett awakens, he kidnaps Corbett and forces all the windows and doors shut, preventing anyone from escaping. Sam and Dean discover that Daggett stole corpses from the morgue. When Sam is taken and forced to witness Corbett's death, Daggett explains how he killed himself after sealing the corpses in his bomb shelter. Later, Ed, Harry, and Maggie discover that Corbett became a death echo, but Ed snaps him out of the loop using their emotional connection. While Daggett attacks Sam, Dean, and Spruce, Corbett arrives and attacks his killer, neutralizing their spectral energies. It can be assumed that the bodies were burned afterwards.