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Mordechai Murdoch.jpg
Name Mordechai Murdoch
Actor Nick Harrison
Dates  ???? – June 12, 2006 (dispatched after the house he existed in is burned down by Dean Winchester)
Location Richardson, Texas
Occupation Tulpa
Episode(s) 1.17 Hell House

Craig: Well, supposedly, back in the thirties, this farmer, Mordechai Murdoch, used to live in the house with his six daughters. It was during the Depression. His crops were failing. He didn't have enough money to even feed his own children. So, I guess that’s when he went off the deep end.

Sam: How?

Craig: Well, he figured it was best if his girls died quick rather than starve to death. So he attacked them. They screamed, begged for him to stop. But he just strung them up, one after another. And then, when he was all finished, he turned around and hung himself. Now, they say that his spirit is trapped in the house forever, stringin’ up any other girl who goes inside.

Craig Thursten and Sam Winchester, 1.17 Hell House


Mordechai Murdoch was an accidentally created tulpa based on a story created Craig Thursten and his cousin Dana. The story spreads to the internet via the Hell Hound's Lair website, where images of a Tibetan spirit sigil that Craig and his cousin painted in an abandoned farmhouse, concentrate the viewer's thoughts and their thoughts manifest as Mordechai. As the legend changes, and people think different things, which causes Mordechai himself to change.


1.17 Hell House

When Sam and Dean realize they are dealing with a tulpa they start a rumor that Mordechai Murdoch has a fear of firearms, hoping by nightfall that the rumor will have spread enough for the legend to change, allowing them to destroy Mordechai with iron rounds.

As Sam and Dean arrive at Hell House, they are surprised by the Ed & Harry before they can enter he house. Mordechai then bursts through the door holding an axe and screaming. Sam and Dean empty their guns into him, wavers and disappears into mist. Mordechai reappears and slams his axe through Harry's camera, forcing Harry to the ground and disappears again. When Dean questions whether the Ghostfacrers posted the BS story about Mordechai's fear of firearms, Harry tells him the server crashed and story was not able to spread.

Mordechi once again reappears and pins Sam to a wall, while Dean is in the other room dousing kerosene everywhere. After Dean saves Sam from Mordechai, he flicks his lighter into the room igniting the kerosene. Dean then tells Sam since they cannot kill Mordechai and since he can't leave the house, if they burn it down there won't be a house for Mordechai to haunt, meaning no one will come, and he will be neutralized.


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