Miss Beverly

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Name Miss Beverly
Actor Linda Darlow
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Rock River, Wyoming
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes


Miss Beverly was a demon borrower witch who, presumably after hundreds of years of living, realized that her time was running out. To prevent herself from going Hell upon her death, she began hunting down other witches to try and pass on the power she received from her demon in an attempt to save her soul from damnation.


12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

As Tasha Banes enters the boarding house, she is surprised by Miss Beverly sitting in the parlor wrapping yarn. Tasha compliments Miss Beverly on her ring, then offers to cleanse her muddy aura Miss Beverly strains a polite smile in response.

While being attacked, Max Banes uses magic on a Twigs & Twine Doll, which Miss Beverly is able to sense. She proceeds to snap her fingers, alerting another one of her dolls. Dean and Max soon find her room, but she is able to easily send Dean flying across the room with a wave. She offers Max a deal, and when Max accuses her of killing his mother, Miss Beverly snaps her fingers and both Dean and Max bend over in pain, while visions of Tasha restrained and in pain flash. She explains how she offered Tasha her power, and when she refused she killed her and turned her into one of her dolls. After releasing Max and Dean from the vision, Max attempts a spell on her, to no effect. She warns him that if he kills her all her dolls will fall apart, including his mother, who has all her original memories. She goes on to make the same offer to Max she did Tasha -- if he takes her power he can keep his mother with him and his sister forever. As Max contemplates the deal, Miss Beverly places a ring in her hand and tells Max to take it. As Max reaches out to take the ring, a shot rings out and Miss Beverly stands bleeding and stunned, as Dean was able to retrieve his gun and shoot her with a witch-killing bullet, killing Miss Beverly and causing her dolls to fall apart.