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Name Miriam
Actor Carlena Britch
Dates Before humanity - 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location North Cove, Washington
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 13.01 Lost and Found


Miriam possessed a possibly drunk woman in North Cove, Washington, the morning after the birth of the Nephilim, Jack.


13.01 Lost and Found

When Sam has Dean stop at Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats on the off-chance Jack had passed through, Miriam is inside the restaurant demanding french fries despite the employee repeatedly telling her they are only serving breakfast. She makes her way outside, and is waiting by the Impala when Dean returns to it and begins tending to his hand wound. She tells him of the time she punched the poster of her old college roommate, Becky, because Becky was a horrible person and so in an act of revenge she punched Becky's poster of Elsa from Frozen and then burned most of her belongings.

Later, Miriam and two other angels, who had located the house Castiel had rented, arrive at the Sheriff's Department. Miriam takes the sheriff's son, Clark, hostage at blade point, telling Sheriff Christine Barker that she will let Clark go if Barker shoots Dean. She tells Dean he is not a hero, but just another "Becky" who takes and breaks things and pisses people off. When she receives communication from the other angels that they've located Jack, she stabs Clark in the abdomen and engages in a fight with Dean. When Dean asks her what she wants, she tells Dean that Jack is the "Golden Ticket" that can do almost anything. Miriam gets the upper hand and slips away from Dean. Entering the holding cells area, she is flanked by Sam and Dean; realizing she won't be able to take Jack with her, she stabs him in the heart with an angel blade and is quickly stabbed and killed by Sam in retaliation. However, her efforts are in vain because Jack is immune to the effects of angel blades.


  • Miriam is the first angel that Sam has killed.