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Minibusts are being produced by

The first character Minibust (Dean Winchester in 1.02 Wendigo). Source.

An excerpt from CineQuest's press release (source):

The company will first produce a line of sculpted hand-painted resin mini-busts of various characters and creatures from the show.

“We’ll be releasing them in ‘waves’ with each one consisting of two minibusts: a human character and a monster or demon,” he said.
The first pair will include the gruesome Scarecrow from the first season episode by the same title and Dean Winchester from the first season episode ‘Wendigo’. The sculpts for the minibusts, which will stand about 8”, are being done by Burbank, California-based Atomic Monkey. Del Vecchio said he chose the company because they “get” the show and have some great sculptors and painters working for them.
“We are not doing digital scans this time like we did with our Veronica Mars line, but rather are using photos provided by Warner Brothers and photos taken at Comic-Con this year,” he said.
Part of the reason for that, he explained, is that is not going for the typical static classic portrait of each character but rather more of a “captured moment” look, illustrating the character in the context of key scenes or events.
“We chose “Scarecrow” for the first wave because it has such a stunning look and feel to it and we chose Dean Winchester because the first ‘captured” moment’ that struck us was him in the “Wendigo” episode: back against the wall, leading the beast away from Sam and the people they were trying to save. The mix of fear and bravado in his stance was memorable,” Del Vecchio said.
Del Vecchio said the minibust design is going to be distinctive.
“The best way to describe it is a full torso, from the waist up, including arms and hands though the way the base is designed, parts of clothing can extend further down from the waist. The Scarecrow’s cloak falls well below his waist and down the back and sides of the base. You’ll see the same thing for other characters as well,” he said.
The second wave will feature “a very scary, very ‘Masque of the Red Death’-looking Woman in White” from the Supernatural pilot, along with a minibust of patriarch John Winchester from the episode “Devil’s Trap”. Again, another great ‘captured moment’ as I’m sure fans will recall,” Del Vecchio said.
And lest fans think that Sam has been forgotten, Del Vecchio was quick with a reassurance they have something special planned for him as well. “Sam Winchester will be in the third wave, for a number of reasons, along with a monster-to-be-named-later. We just got the license a few weeks ago so we’re running fast to get the line started and moving.”

– CineQuest, Press Release

Fan reactions to the Minibust of Dean Winchester were rather amused.

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