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Powers and Abilities
  • Copper
Appearance Humanoid
Episode(s) 1.02 Teach Your Children Well


At some point in time, the Campbell family went up against a mimic in Alabama.


Mimics are a type of shapeshifter. How they differ from normal shapeshifters is not known, beyond that they bleed green blood.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting – A mimic is capable of taking on different forms.


  • Copper – Weapons made of copper are the only things capable of killing a mimic.


1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Believing Clyde to be a shapeshifter, the group investigates where the attack happened. There Mary Campbell comes across what she believes to be green blood, and deduces that Clyde was attacked by a mimic. While John goes back to their motel to make copper weapons from the room's pipes, Lakita discovers it was actually sap that Mary found, and not green blood.