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Mick Davies BMOL.png
Name Michael "Mick" Davies
Actor Adam Fergus
Spencer Drever (Young Mick in 12.17)
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Mr. Ketch)
Occupation British Man of Letters
Episode(s) 12.02 Mamma Mia
12.09 First Blood
12.14 The Raid
12.16 Ladies Drink Free
12.17 The British Invasion

When I was a child, I had nothing. I owed you everything, and I obeyed. But, I'm a man now, Dr. Hess. And I can see the choices, and I choose to do the right thing!

– Mick Davies, 12.17 The British Invasion


Born Michael Davies, Mick was an orphan who did not know his parents. As a child living on the streets, Mick would soon become a cutpurse to feed himself. One day he pickpockets a member of the British Men of Letters, inadvertently stealing a cursed coin from Ancient Babylon. Instead of handing him over to the authorities, the British Men of Letters saw his potential and took him in, placing him in the Kendricks Academy. There he was taught to be a Man of Letters, and follow their harsh code. As a young boy, he was commanded to fight to the death with his best friend Timothy in order to prove his obedience and loyalty. He remained haunted by nightmares of this act.

As a member of the British Men of Letters, Mick was sent to collect Lady Antonia Bevell after it was revealed that her mission to make contact with American hunters failed when she kidnapped and tortured Sam Winchester. After sending Lady Bevell back to London, Mick took over operational leadership on the British Men of Letters U.S. expansion.

His rigid ideas about hunting, shaped by the British Men of Letters code, are challenged as he spends time with the Winchesters. This finally leads him to stand up to Dr. Hess, one of the organization's highest-ranking members, only to be executed moments later by fellow operative Arthur Ketch under her orders.


12.02 Mamma Mia

As Lady Antonia Bevell is interrogating Sam, she receives a phone call from Mick, who reveals he has been sent to collect her for disobeying orders, revealing that Ms. Watt has been killed.

After Dean knocks out Lady Bevell, Mick arrives in the basement with Castiel in tow, telling the Winchesters that what Lady Bevell said was true, the British Men of Letters were keen on making contact with Sam and Dean due to their carrying on the Men of Letters work in the American chapter. Explaining that Lady Bevell went too far, and that she will face consequences back in London. Mick goes on to extend an olive branch, but due to everything that has happened, Dean is wary of his motives and wants to kill Lady Bevell. Mick assures the Winchesters that he is sincere, as he powered down the warding which allowed Castiel entry into the farm house. He hands Castiel his number and tells them to think it over as he escorts Lady Bevell out.

As Mick is driving Lady Bevell, she protests, telling Mick that she will not get on any plane. Mick calmly tells her that she will, as her mission was to "identify American Hunters and gain their trust." While Lady Bevell insists that the American hunters are more dangerous than average monsters and need to be eliminated, Mick assures her that if push comes to shove they are prepared, revealing that he has already sent for Mr. Ketch.

12.08 LOTUS

Sam places a call to Mick while hiding around the corner from Castiel and Dean in the bunker. When he gets his voicemail, he hangs up the phone. Believing the Winchesters to be in trouble, Mick dispatches Mr. Ketch to find them.

12.09 First Blood

Mick is filing a report to the British Men of Letters on his progress in recruiting hunters. He begins the report with his meeting with a hunter named Wally. As Mick gives his pitch on the benefits of working with the British Men of Letters, Wally is unimpressed and tells Mick he doesn't like being given orders and leaves the diner.

After Mary and Castiel learn of Sam and Dean's escape from imprisonment, Castiel contacts Mick for backup.

12.14 The Raid

Mary invites Sam to the British Men of Letters base so he can see the work they are doing to exterminate monsters. Led by the Alpha Vampire, the last surviving vampires in the midwest region mount an assault on the base. Sam and Mary take charge with Mary telling Mick to get the Colt and Sam teaching Mick how to create the special bullets for it with a spell he learned from Bobby and Ruby. The Winchesters' efforts to protect the base are undermined by a hunter who is working for the Alpha. Sam and Mary return to find Mick face to face with the Alpha. Thanks to some quick thinking, Mick gets a bullet to Sam, who uses it to shoot and kill the Alpha Vampire. They are able to kill most of the other remaining vampires afterwards. Later, with the death of the Alpha Vampire having convinced him of their intentions, Sam tells Mick that he wants to be a part of their work in exterminating the monsters in America.

12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Sam gets a call from Mick (who is listed on Sam's phone as "Frodo") about a hellhound case. Sam lies to Dean, and pretends he has set up an algorithm that is helping him find cases. After the hellhound is killed, Sam confesses to Dean that he has been taking cases from the British Men of Letters. Dean agrees that, although he doesn't trust them, they can try working with them the way they often work with the bad guys, but he wants to make certain that if anything seems shady that they would leave. Just then Mick rings with another case.

12.16 Ladies Drink Free

Mick finds a werewolf case for the Winchesters, and insists on accompanying on the hunt to train himself after the unfortunate business concerning the Alpha Vampire. He impresses Sam and Dean by booking them into a three-star hotel rather than their usual cheap motels. Mick and Sam also bond over their interest and love of lore.

Mick notices the survivor of the attack has been bitten, but doesn't tell the Winchesters about his discovery; Mick returns later to kill her. During the hunt, Mick is confronted with Sam and Dean's view on hunting - that not all monsters need to be killed. When Claire Novak is bitten by the werewolf, Mick shares a risky experimental treatment the Men of Letters had once investigated, and Claire is cured.

12.17 The British Invasion

In 1987, Mick is called to meet the Kendricks Academy headmistress, Dr. Hess, alongside his friend, Timothy, before Christmas break. Dr. Hess takes the boys to her office, where plastic sheeting has been laid down. She tells Mick and Timothy how well they have advanced in their schooling, but that the time has come to see which will move on to the next phase of learning. She places a dagger on the table, telling the two young boys that only one of them will be leaving the room alive, then departs. A panicked Timothy tries to talk Mick into running with him to his father's, but Mick tells him to shut the door as he picks up the dagger and kills Timothy. Exiting the room, he tells Dr. Hess Timothy fought well, and he is congratulated for following the Code.

In the British Men of Letters compound, Mick wakes from a nightmare about killing Timothy. He soon goes to the Bunker, where he waits for Sam and Dean. When they arrive, he attempts to tell the Winchesters of the cosmic shock wave that was recorded by the home office, and they tell him about Kelly Kline carrying Lucifer's child. Mick is shocked that the Winchesters didn't just kill her when they had the chance. While Sam assures Mick that they are handling the situation, Dean suggests that in the mean time they drink.

Mick after being killed by Ketch.

Back in England, Dr. Hess informs Mick that the elders are shifting their focus to locating and eliminating the Nephilim before it is born. Dissatisfied with the American operation, Dr. Hess sends Renny Rawlings to get things back on track.

Following information Eileen Leahy has obtained, they track down Kelly and kidnap her from Dagon. However, Dagon finds them and in the ensuing fight, Eileen tries to shoot her with the Colt, but Dagon vanishes with Kelly, leaving Renny Rawlings to take the hit instead. Mick insists that she must die - it's part of his code. Sam is able to talk him out of it, emphasizing that Mick can follow his own conscience. Mick lets them leave.

Back at the British Men of Letters base, Dr. Hess has arrived. She tells Mick that he must hunt down and kill Eileen, and that the Winchesters must be investigated, and if found guilty will be killed. Mick challenges her and says he rejects the British Men of Letters code. As he argues with her, he is shot in the back of the head by Mr. Ketch.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Suspecting something off about Mr. Ketch, Mary overhears him talking about a package marked under Lot Number: 12257 being held in the armory which is supposed to be delivered to Britain. When she goes to investigate, Mary finds Mick's corpse inside a lead-lined box. When she questions Ketch about Mick's death, he attempts to tell her it was a mishap with a werewolf, to no avail.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

While they are driving back to the Men of Letters Bunker, Lady Bevell tells Sam and Dean that Mick was killed because of his sentimentality about the American hunters.

13.07 War of the Worlds

While interrogating a revived Ketch in the Bunker, Dean briefly mentions how he killed Mick.


  • The first 15 digits of Mick's phone number in 12.08 LOTUS is 011 44 172 7946 087X. This is inconsistent with the international numbering plan according to E.164 which permits the maximum use of 15 digits. 011 is the international phone prefix for American Samoa, 44 is the UK country code, 172 is the area code for Sint Maarten, and London uses 7946 in the middle of its subscriber number when using fictitious phone numbers similar to how the US and Canada use 555. In the UK, London uses eleven digits in its phone numbers instead of 10, making Mick's phone number consist of 16 digits total.