Michael Wheeler

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Name Michael Wheeler
Actor Brandon Jones
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Brian Wilcox)
Location Washtenaw County, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 8.04 Bitten


Michael starts a relationship with Kate and at one point, he gets bitten by a werewolf and starts to act different when he starts to display his new found abilities. Brian, jealous of Michael's powers, gets himself turned by the same werewolf who had bitten Michael. Michael then gets into a heated argument with Brian about what he has done and they both eventually end up fighting. It ends with Michael being stabbed with a silver-knife from Brian.


8.04 Bitten

Michael and Brian Wilcox were to both in love with Kate with Michael becoming her boyfriend. Before getting bitten he was very care free and didn't really have any concerns, not even planning far for the future. After being bitten, he reveled with his friends about his new found strength and speed, until the werewolf's craving for human hearts kicked in. He became more reserved and socially withdrawn, fearing for his own sanity and humanity, refusing Brian to "join in" on getting new powers. Brian became jealous of his powers, and eventually tracked down the original werewolf who had turned Mike. Ludensky, a college professor, initially refused to turn Brian, but did so after Brian threatened to expose him.

When confronted by Brian, Mike tried to explain that being a werewolf was a curse, but Brian didn't listen. Their argument turned into a fight, with both Mike and Brian transforming and attacking each other. Brian stabbed Mike with a silver knife, killing him. His body is later covered in a sheet by Kate, and eventually discovered by Sam and Dean.