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A meta essay, or meta (short for meta-analysis) refers to an essay that explores the text of a show in more detail than an episode review or recap. Broader themes, or deeper analysis are investigated, often with supporting evidence in the form of screencaps, pictures or charts.

See other entries in the Meta category for books and academic essays.

Meta Communities

In the first two seasons of Supernatural, the Supernatural community spn_heavymeta on Livejournal followed a set regime, where members would submit essays for each episode on Dean, Sam and John. After Season Two this structure was abandoned, and the community simply provided a central place for people to link to their metas.

The forums on Television Without Pity (now closed) and as well as blogs like The Winchester Family Business often contain meta discussion, as do the comments sections on many media sites.

Meta Essays (Supernatural)



John Winchester

The Winchesters


Other Characters

What Makes a Story Work?

Mytharc + MOTW meta

Narrative Structure

Genre and Themes

The Impala

Supernatural & Its Visuals

See Title Card for title card metas

Gender and Sexuality

Gender Performance and Masculinities

The Wittier Rape[1]

Women's Work[2]

Discussions of Characters' Sexuality: Sam

Discussions of Characters' Sexuality: Dean

  • Emily E. Roach, "Supernatural: Wincest, Destiel and Dean Winchester's Bisexual Panic" in Queerbaiting and Fandom: Teasing Fans Through Homoerotic Possibilities ed. Joseph Brennan (University of Iowa Press, 2019).[3]

Discussions of Characters' Sexuality: Cas


See Pairings for a list of all Supernatural character ship pages

Fandom Stats

Fandom Surveys




Definition and history of Queer Baiting on Fanlore

Supernatural's America[4]


Ethnicity and Race



Fandom & Fan Works

Meta Essays (The Winchesters)


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