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Name Meredith Rodgers (adoptive surname)
Meredith Jane Allen (birth name)
Actor Melanie Papalia
Dates 1981 – 2006 (killed by a daeva)
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Waitress
Episode(s) 1.16 Shadow


Meredith was a 25-year-old waitress living in the Sunset Manor in Chicago, Illinois until she was killed by a Daeva. Her birth name was Meredith Jane Allen, born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1981, though when she was adopted, her surname was changed to "Rodgers" by her foster parents.


1.16 Shadow

Late at night while walking home to her apartment, Meredith begins to feel uneasy, as she nears her apartment, she looks over her shoulder and sees the shadow of a man on the wall of a building. The silhouette begins to follow her, causing her to break into a run. She dashes across the street and finally reaches her apartment. Frantically, she grabs her keys and rushes to find the right one. She finds the key and opens the door, then goes inside and slams it shut. Once inside, Meredith sets the alarm, gets herself a beer. As she begins listening to messages on her answering machine, a shadow begins to form on the wall of the apartment. It begins as a swirling cloud of smoke and morphs into the silhouette of a tall, skinny creature in a robe. The creature’s shadow slowly moves towards Meredith’s shadow on the wall. It sticks its long, sharp-nailed fingers through Meredith’s chest, killing her upon ripping her heart out.

A week later, Sam and Dean arrive in Chicago to investigate her death, and soon discover that she was killed by Meg using a daeva. Though, Meg killed her and another old man to lure Sam and Dean to Chicago, using the fact they're both from Lawrence to get their attention.


  • According to the newspaper article about Meredith's death,1 Meredith's surname is Rodgers and she was twenty-five at the time of her 2006 death. According to her birth certificate,2 which is much easier to read, her full name is Meredith Jane Allen.