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Name May Sunder
Actor Ava Sleeth
Dates  ???? - 1901 (killed by Ishim)
Location Orono, Maine
Episode(s) 12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


May was the daughter of Lily Sunder and an unknown human father.


12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Ishim leads his angel garrison to Orono, Maine, in 1901 under the pretense of killing a Nephilim, May. When Akobel attempts to stop Ishim, he is quickly killed by Mirabel, but not before he tells Lily Sunder to go back inside and run away. As Lily hastily gathers her papers, she and May notice Akobel's death before Ishim enters the house and telekinetically separates Lily from May. He tells Lily that she broke his heart, so he will do the same to her, and murders May.

14.08 Byzantium

After realizing she has a sliver of her soul left, Lily Sunder attempts to negotiate entrance into Heaven before she dies so she can be with May once again. Summoning Anubis, Lily finds out she is slated for Hell, but her choice to help the Winchesters save Jack grants her another meeting with Anubis after she dies. After tallying her life choices again, she is allowed entrance into Heaven, with Anubis telling Lily to say hello to her daughter for him.