Max Jaffe

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Name Max Jaffe
Actor Kett Turton
Episode(s) 1.04 Phantom Traveler


Max was a survivor of United Britannia Airlines Flight 2485.


1.04 Phantom Traveler

Max, a passenger on United Britania flight 2485, notices the demon possessed George Phelps rip open the planes emergency exit. Phelps sucked out the plane, and the door flies off tearing half a wing off, causing the plane to go down.

After the crash, Max admitted himself to a psychiatric facility, citing the stress of surviving a plane crash. When Sam and Dean are brought on by Jerry Panowski to investigate the crash, Max is the first of the survivors that they question, however he is not as forth coming at first, believing he was delusional when he saw Phelps rip open the emergency exit. However he tells the Winchesters that Phelps was a passenger on the plane that sat next two him, giving them their next clue as to what happened.