Mary's Car

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Mary's Car
Model 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner
Color Blue
Owner(s) Mary Campbell
Appearance(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye


At some point prior to March 1972, Mary Campbell bought this car.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

When John Winchester tracks down Mary Campbell after learning the truth about the supernatural, she's getting out of her car and John gives her some coffee, explaining that he'd used to track people down for a living in the Marines. John reveals that he also found Ada Monroe who had mysteriously disappeared in Lubbock, Texas the night before. After John convinces Mary to take him with her, they drive to Lubbock together.

To get Mary's attention, a demon smashes up the hood of her car with a tire iron before Carlos Cervantez arrives to help exorcise the demon. With Mary's car having been damaged, John, Mary, Carlos and Lata leave it behind when they go to New Orleans in search of the Ostium.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

During the Monster Club's absence, Mary's trashed car arrives at Winchesters Garage, much to Millie's frustration as she didn't hear from John. John explains that the car belongs to his friend and he's going to fix it for her.

When the group returns from hunting La Tunda, Millie reveals that she has repaired Mary's car for her in her absence. Millie tells Mary that the repair is on the house since Mary brought John home safe for her. After thanking Millie, Mary drives off in her car.

1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Following the defeat of the Akrida, Mary leaves to figure out her future away from hunting. As the rest of the Monster Club figures out what to hunt next, Mary returns to Winchesters Garage to offer John the chance to come with her to figure it out their future together. As they take off together, John goes to pick some music, but Mary stops him to pick it herself, citing the rule from Dean's Journal that the "driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole."