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For information on the character as she appears in The Winchesters see Mary Campbell

Name Mary Sandra Winchester (née Campbell)
Actor Samantha Smith
Amy Gumenick (Young Mary)
Dates December 5, 1954 – November 2, 1983 (killed by Azazel)
2016 – 2019 (killed by Jack Kline)
Location Heaven
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot
1.09 Home
2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be
2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One
4.03 In the Beginning
4.21 When the Levee Breaks
5.13 The Song Remains the Same
5.16 Dark Side of the Moon
6.19 Mommy Dearest (as Eve)
11.23 Alpha and Omega
12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On
12.02 Mamma Mia
12.03 The Foundry
12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)
12.13 Family Feud
12.14 The Raid
12.17 The British Invasion
12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes
12.21 There's Something About Mary
12.22 Who We Are
12.23 All Along the Watchtower
13.01 Lost and Found
13.02 The Rising Son
13.09 The Bad Place
13.14 Good Intentions
13.20 Unfinished Business
13.21 Beat the Devil
13.22 Exodus
13.23 Let The Good Times Roll
14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land
14.02 Gods and Monsters
14.05 Nightmare Logic
14.11 Damaged Goods
14.13 Lebanon
14.17 Game Night
14.18 Absence

But I should've been here more. But I know how I am. I can be closed off and hard. [...] Listen. I just need you to know I'm grateful. For every day I get to spend with you and Sam.

– Mary Winchester to Dean, 14.17 Game Night

No one's making excuses, but -- You gave him a chance because you felt for him… because you're a good man. You are. It's one of the reasons I'm so proud of you.

– Mary Winchester to Sam, 14.17 Game Night



You know, we lost our mom once before. But we got a second chance with her. And we got to know her not just as "Mom," but... as someone who was tough and strong. Stubborn as Hell. Someone who had opinions and wasn't shy in using them. She could handle a machete. She could handle a vampire. She could handle our old man. She couldn't cook worth a damn. Mom, you weren't here long enough. But we're so glad for the time that we had. Goodbye, Mom.

Dean Winchester, 14.19 Jack in the Box

Born Mary Sandra Campbell, on December 5, 1954 to Samuel and Deanna Campbell. She kept extensive journals[1] as she traveled around with her family, learning the hunting trade until they ended up in Lawrence, Kansas.

On March 23, 1972 after seeing the film Slaughterhouse-Five, Mary bumped into John Winchester, knocking him down. While Mary was embarrassed, John simply laughed it off, and told her she could get him a cup coffee to make it up to him. The two would go to Mulroney's Diner and talk. When John asked for Mary's number, she gave it to him, despite knowing her father wouldn't approve.

In 1973 Azazel killed both her parents as well as John. Mary made a deal with the demon in order to resurrect John. This involved her granting him access to her home ten years. On August 19, 1975 Mary and John eloped, in Reno. [2]Five years later Mary would give birth to Dean on January 24, 1979, with Sam following on May 2, 1983. Dean remembers her making tomato and rice soup for him when he was sick, and singing "Hey, Jude" to him as a lullaby.[3] Despite how John talked about Mary to Sam and Dean, there were indications that their marriage was not entirely happy[4], and that Heaven was involved in bringing them together in order for Dean and Sam to be born, as a Cupid revealed to Sam and Dean that John and Mary couldn't stand each other initially until Heaven's intervention.[5] Unbeknownst to John, Mary did continue to hunt, at least a year after Dean was born, in order tie up a "loose end" before officially retiring from hunting.[6].

Six months after Sam's birth, Azazel visited Sam to feed him demon blood. When Mary tried to stop him, she was killed. An unknown uncle erected a headstone for her in Greenville, Illinois. Sam later learned that the uncle, along with many of Mary's other family and friends were killed by Azazel after her death.[7]

After the death of John, Sam and Dean would bury his dog tags at Mary's grave. 33 years later, as he was about to face Amara, Dean told Sam that he wanted his ashes scattered at Mary's grave.[8]

Mary was bought back to life in 2016 by Amara as a gesture of thanks to Dean.

Middle Name

In 11.23 Alpha and Omega, Lady Antonia Bevell has cork board with information on the family. Mary's full name is written as Mary Catherine Howard. However, her surname is incorrect as is other information such as as Sam's birth date, the veracity of any of the information is in doubt.


Mary is killed by Azazel.

1.01 Pilot

"Good night, love."

During the night Mary wakes to the sound of Sam crying. She goes to the nursery and sees a man standing there. She assumes it is her husband and goes downstairs, where she see John sleeping in his chair. She runs back to the nursery interrupting the Yellow-Eyed Demon as he lurks beside her son's crib. John is woken up by Mary's scream and rushes upstairs, bursting the door of the nursery, but Mary is nowhere to be found. When he goes to check on Sam, he sees blood drip down on his face, when he looks up, to his horror he sees Mary pinned to the ceiling with a gash across her midsection. Mary bursts into flames, engulf the ceiling causing John to grab baby Sam and rush out the room.

1.09 Home

"You get out of my house. And let go of my son."
Mary's spirit manifesting to fight the poltergeist.

When Sam has visions about their old home, he and Dean return to find a malevolent spirit at work. When it attacks them, Mary's spirit appears as a flaming figure in the room that was Sam's nursery, and she sacrifices herself in order to banish the powerful poltergeist.

2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Following their father's death, Sam insists on him and Dean taking a trip to their mother's grave (a memorial erected by an uncle that Sam and Dean have never met) to bury their father's dog-tags with her; this results in them getting caught up in a case involving the reanimated Angela Mason, returned to life as a zombie after she died the week before.

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

"But in here, with us, it'll feel like years. Like a lifetime. I promise. No more pain. Or fear. Just love and comfort. And safety. Dean, stay with us. Get some rest."

A djinn uses a wish from Dean's mind -- that Mary never died -- to trap Dean in a dreamlike state while the creature feeds on him. In the fantasy world, Mary is still alive and living in the family home in Lawrence, Kansas, John having died of a stroke a year prior. Sam is in law school at Stamford and engaged to Jess, but he and Dean are estranged. Dean steals some of Mary's good silver to use against the djinn when he realizes that everyone he and Sam saved by becoming hunters are now dead.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

"It's you."

The Yellow-Eyed Demon shows Sam a vision of the night Mary died. It is revealed that she was killed because she interrupted the demon as he fed his blood to baby Sam. Sam learns for the first time that he was fed demon blood, and that Mary knew the demon that killed her.

4.03 In the Beginning

"I wanna get out. This job, this life, I hate it. I want a family, I wanna be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of? The very worst thing? Is for my children to be raised into this like I was. Well, I won't let it happen."

Dean is transported back to 1973 and discovers (by noticing her charm bracelet) that Mary (nee Campbell) is a hunter. He soon finds out that her parents are too. Mary is very capable but ambivalent about the hunting life. She wants to leave it behind for a normal life with her boyfriend John Winchester. She tells Dean the worst thing she can think of is having her children raised to be hunters. After her parents and her boyfriend, John Winchester, are killed, Mary agrees to a deal with Azazel to revive John. The deal allows him to enter her home in ten years.

4.04 Metamorphosis

Dean tells Sam about what happened to him in 4.03 In the Beginning, including his encounter with Mary. Sam is amazed to find out that she had been a hunter and asks Dean to tell him what she was like, leading Dean to describe her as an awesome, funny, smart and hopeful person. Sam wonders what the point was to Azazel killing her and the rest of their family, just to give him demon blood.

4.21 When the Levee Breaks

"Make my death mean something. I'm counting on you, Sam. Don't let anyone or anything get in your way. Not even Dean."

Sam hallucinates while in withdrawal that his mother understands his motives and urges him to continue drinking the demon blood.

Mary faces off against Anna.

5.13 The Song Remains the Same

"Ohh...quite a kick there. Troublemaker already. It's okay, baby. It's all okay. Angels are watching over you."

Dean and Sam travel back to 1978 to protect Mary and John from Anna Milton, who wants to kill them before Sam is born. Mary has to reveal to John that she was raised a hunter. Dean later explains the truth of the situation to her, proving that he is her son by telling her about his childhood. He says that she fed him tomato and rice soup when he was sick, because that's what her mother did for her, and that she sang him "Hey Jude" as a lullaby. He tells her not to go into Sam's nursery six months after the birth. Sam is listening, and says that it will take more than that to save Mary: she should leave John so that they don't have any children. Dean agrees, but Mary tells them that it is already too late. She is pregnant with Dean.

Michael arrives in time to save the family from Anna and Uriel. He removes all memory of the events from Mary and John.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

"You are my little angel. How 'bout some pie? Okay."

Sam and Dean are in Heaven searching for a way into the Garden. They encounter memories from their pasts, including one of Dean's about a fight Mary and John had over the phone. Sam and Dean talk about their parents marriage, and Dean says that John didn't see the union as perfect until after Mary's death. Dean takes a moment to hug his mother as he did in the memory.

Later, they take a shortcut and find themselves in their old house again, confronted by an altered version of Mary. She calls Dean "her burden" and starts bleeding from the wound she received the night she died. Her eyes flicker yellow. Sam and Dean are suddenly trapped, and Mary elaborates on her death and continues to berate Dean. Zachariah appears, and the brothers accuse him of changing Mary. Zachariah says that he has grown fond of her, kisses her, and then snaps his fingers, sending this Mary away.

6.10 Caged Heat

In order to persuade Samuel Campbell to work on gathering monsters for him in his quest to find Purgatory, Crowley promises to bring Mary back to life.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

Infected by the Khan worm, Samuel Campbell taunts Sam, who has a gun trained on him. He tells him that he knows he won't shoot him because they're family and Mary is his daughter.

Later in the episode, after being forced to shoot and kill Samuel, Sam feels guilty and muses to Dean about what Mary would say if she'd been alive to see that. Dean answers, "You know what I think Mom would say? She'd say just 'cause you're blood doesn't make you family. You got to earn that."

6.19 Mommy Dearest

In the Winchesters' final confrontation with Eve, the mother of all monsters, she takes on Mary's appearance to taunt the brothers.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

When the witch Spencer attacks Dean with his worst memories, these include his memory of Mary's death and their meeting with her ghost.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

Dean tells Sam that Charlie Bradbury's mother Gertrude Middleton reminds him of their mom, "kind, strong, taken from her family too young."

Mary resurrected.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

"Help! Help me!"

As Dean prepares to sacrifice himself to destroy Amara, he and Sam visit Mary's grave and Dean asks for his ashes to be interred there. Before leaving, Sam kisses his hand and places it atop Mary's headstone.

After Dean helps Amara and God reconcile, Amara tells Dean that as he gave her what she truly needed, she will give him what he truly needs in return. Shortly afterwards, as Dean finds himself in a forest trying to figure out where he is. He hears a female voice calling for help, when he goes to try and help he is shocked to find his mother, Mary, alive and confused in the middle of the park.

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

"No. I'm sorry. I just... I spent my life running from this, from hunting. And I got out. I never wanted this for you and Sam."

As Dean approaches Mary to see if she is real, Mary's instincts kick in and she quickly takes Dean to the ground where she proceeds to aggressively question him as to who he is and where they are. When he tells her he is her son, Dean, she doesn't believe him as the last she saw Dean he was four-years-old. When Dean tells her that he is her son, and that she died, Mary suddenly remembers her death. As she stands in a state of shock, Dean begins telling her about her life, based on the things John told him about her. Finding that she has been gone for thirty-three years, Mary finally believes that Dean is her son and the two embrace. As the morning came, Dean and Mary say on park bench, with tears in her eyes, Dean begins telling her about John and how he sacrificed his life for Dean and raised he and Sam to be hunters. As Mary tries to process all the new information, Dean suggests they head to the home, where he can better explain everything to her.

As they arrive at the Bunker, they quickly notice the blood on the floor. Dean gives Mary a gun, as he begins searching the Bunker for Sam. As Mary begins to investigate her surroundings, Castiel arrives. As enters the library, Mary places the gun on Cas and asks him where Sam is. Dean quickly runs in and diffuses the situation telling Mary that Cas is a friend and an angel. As Cas tells Dean what happened when he and Sam came back to the Bunker, the trio soon hit the road in search of Sam. When they find the veterinarian that patched Sam up, and believe he is holding out information from them, Mary quickly tells Castiel to hurt, prompting Dr. Marion to reveal he has Lady Antonia Bevell's cell number.

12.02 Mamma Mia

"Get away from my boys."

With Castiel's help, Dean and Mary track down where Toni Bevell is holding and torturing Sam. Dean is captured but Mary breaks in - shocking Sam with her appearance. She and Toni. Dean gets out of his cuffs and gets the gun, but Lady Bevell does some blood magic and Mary starts choking. Dean knocks Toni out, and Mary’s fine. They are about to release Sam when Mick enters with Castiel. Mick apologizes for Bevell’s behavior, and promises that she’ll face consequences in London.

Back at the Bunker, the Winchesters discuss the Men of Letters over takeout. Mary got Dean pie, which he eats with all the gusto of a starving five year old. Later that evening, Sam knocks on Mary’s door, and brings her a cup of tea. He tells her that if she needs to talk, he’s there and has some experience coming back and not feeling like he fits. She tells him she wants to know all the mother stuff she missed out on. Sam also gives Mary John's Journal. When Mary asks about getting out of hunting, Sam replies that "This is my family. My family hunts. It’s what we do." He also tells her that having her there fills in a big blank in his life.

12.03 The Foundry

"I know. In my head. But I'm still mourning them as I knew them. My baby Sam. My little boy Dean. Just feels like yesterday, we were together in Heaven, and now... I'm here, and John is gone, and they're gone. And every moment I spend with you reminds me every moment I lost with them."

Mary, Sam and Dean investigate a case where the sound of a crying baby led to the mysterious death of a couple. After encountering the ghost of Lucas Kellinger, Sam suspects him to be a myling due to his spirit having appeared in a house where adults were lured to their deaths. However, Mary recognizes that Lucas meant her no harm and was scared and discovers that Lucas is instead a victim of Hugo Moriarty - the true culprit.

Mary with a young Asa Fox after rescuing him from a werewolf.

12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

"It’s okay. He’s right. But… This is something I needed to do alone. I… Listen, most of the people I knew are dead. And then I remembered Asa. He was so young when I met him, I thought he must still be around. And then… I saw an article about his death, and, uh…"

Mary turns up at the wake of Asa Fox, a hunter who has been killed, who Mary had rescued as a boy. Mary finds out from Asa's mother that Mary inspired Asa to become a hunter, making her feel guilt over his death. The Winchester brothers and Jody are already in attendance as Jody knew, and was a lover of, Asa. They take action when a demon begins picking off mourners.

The demon is Jael, who has been obsessed with killing Asa. One by one Jael approaches the hunters, taunting them about what he has learned from possessing them. He reveals Lorraine's hate for her son's lifestyle, that Alicia and Max Banes are Asa's children, and how Jody fantasized about having a serious relationship with Asa. Finally he forces Bucky to reveal that he was the one that actually killed Asa; Jael blames him for taking that away from him, claiming Asa was his. Sam begins the exorcism rites, only to be telekinetically thrown into the wall. Dean attempts to continue it, but Jael sends him flying through the parlor doors. Alicia and Max pick up the exorcism but are also knocked away by Jael. Finally Mary is able to complete the ritual, forcing Jael out of Jody and sending the demon back to Hell.

12.07 Rock Never Dies

Sam walks in on Dean playing Words with Friends with Mary, and is surprised that she beat Dean, having only gotten a cell phone a month prior. When Sam asks how she is doing, Dean tells him that their mother is "dealing".

12.09 First Blood

"You said come midnight, a Winchester dies? I’m a Winchester."

After Sam and Dean are held prisoner by the Secret Service, Mary and Castiel try without luck to find them. While still hunting for clues, Mary joins Alicia Banes on a werewolf hunt. After the boys escape, they call Castiel, who meets up with Mary. He believes they may need backup, and suggests Crowley and Rowena, which Mary scoffs at. Castiel takes Mary to meet with Mick Davies and Mr. Ketch. She is skeptical of the Brits, remarking how they almost killed Sam and Dean. Castiel assures her they can be trusted as they helped them with Lucifer. When Mary and Cas report that the boys may be in Rocky Mountain National Forest, Mr. Ketch quickly surmises that they were at Site 94 -- a government black-ops site that does not officially exist. Mick tells them he will get their techs to move a satellite over the area in hopes of finding the Winchesters.

Sam and Dean are soon reunited with Mary and Castiel. As the Winchesters and Castiel are driving away, the car suddenly dies and they are greeted by Billie. Dean explains that they were truly trapped with no normal means of escape, so Dean summoned Billie to make a deal: Sam and Dean die and are resurrected one last time, and at midnight Billie can take one of them permanently. When Mary questions why they would agree to that, Dean tells that her being locked up alone was worse than Hell, and that it was the only option that would allow at least one of them to continue fighting. When Castiel tells them that they don't have to die, Billie tells him they are bound by blood, and to break that would come with consequences on a cosmic scale. When Billie asks who she is going to be reaping, Mary offers herself up, which Billie gladly accepts. As Mary is about to commit suicide, Castiel sneaks up behind Billie and stabs her with an angel blade, killing her.

Back at Mick's motel room, he finishes up his report to his superiors saying he has made some inroads with American hunters, revealing Mary is interested in what the British Men of Letters are offering.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

"Since when is life about getting what you want?"

Mary is sent by the British Men of Letters to steal an item from Ramiel -- a Prince of Hell. Mary asks another hunter, Wally, to help her as she thinks Sam and Dean won't ask the as many questions if they think they are helping him rather than her. As Mary is looking over her file on Ramiel, Wally asks if she got it from the British Men of Letters. He tells her he heard their sales pitch too, that he believed the offer to be too good to be true, and he questions her on what the catch was when it came to working with them. Mary only tells him of how many people she's saved working with them, before they head off to meet with Sam, Dean, and Castiel.

The hunters meet up outside the diner, where Wally is introduced to Sam, Dean, and Cas, before heading inside to formulate a plan. After ordering food, Wally breaks down why they are all there: he's found demonic signs in the area, he has never hunted a demon before, and he needs their help. Outside of Ramiel's home, the group splits up, with the Winchesters and Castiel going to the house to set up for Ramiel's return, while Wally hangs back and keeps an eye out.

Inside, Sam talks to Mary about being back in the life she never wanted. Mary responds coldly, “Since when is life about getting what you want?” Mary goes to the basement, cracks a safe using British Men of Letters tech, steals something from the safe, and hides it in her clothes. Upstairs, she lies to Castiel about having been in the bathroom. When Ramiel comes back early, and proves to be stronger than anyone expected, Wally comes running to the house warning Sam that two demons are right behind him. In the ensuing fight Wally is killed, and Ramiel stabs Castiel, mortally wounding him, with the Lance of Michael. He is saved when Crowley snaps the Lance in half.

Mary meets up with Arthur Ketch, and hands over the Colt, completely aware of its significance. Mary is furious about the British Men of Letters’ lack of intel on Ramiel, Wally’s death, and Castiel's near-death. She threatens to destroy the British Men of Letters if this happens again. Mr. Ketch admits their error and apologizes.

Mary using a British Men of Letters weapon on a rugaru.

12.13 Family Feud

"I'm sorry. Nothing comes before my family, not with me."

Hunting rugarus with Ketch, Mary is able to kill the last of them with a British Men of Letters weapon that uses sonic waves to melt the rugaru's brain, while Ketch times her on his stop watch. After Mary compliments Ketch on the weapon, her cellphone rings; seeing it is Dean, Mary takes a moment before answering. She lies to Dean, telling him she is at a motel in Newark and needs to rest after the Ramiel incident. She says that if he needs her on his new hunt, she'll be there and tells him she loves him before hanging up. Ketch compliments Mary on her lying ability; she tells him she hasn't told Sam and Dean that she is working for the British Men of Letters due to their torturing of Sam. Ketch explains Bevell was a rogue operative, then he asks Mary about getting a drink. Dropping Mary off at her motel, he proposes getting a drink again, which Mary declines. Ketch then brings up Sam and Dean, and suggests Mary "disengage" from them for a bit. He says that working for the Men of Letters is demanding work and must come first above everything else. He calls them his family. Mary refuses the notion, telling him nothing comes before her family. Ketch asks her if she really believes that, noting she is "softer, weaker" around them. He tells her she is one of the best hunters he's seen and that is the real her; he thinks it scares her that it might be true.

Mary returns to the Bunker with beer and burgers. When Sam and Dean ask her what she has been up to, she readily admits that she has been working with the British Men of Letters, much to Sam and Dean's shock and dismay. She pleads with them to hear her out.

12.14 The Raid

"I know. But you were going to school, to college. And I get why you gave it up. But what if you didn't have to? What if there was a different future for you, for us? That's why I'm doing this. That is what I'm fighting for. I am not trying to recruit you, but you need to know. Things are changing. Please.

Just let me show you. Sam and Dean confront Mary about working with the Brits, and ask her to leave the Bunker. Mary returns to hunting with the Men of Letters, systematically wiping out vampire nests. Sam eventually responds to one of Mary's texts and goes to meet her at the British Men of Letters bunker. There he is impressed with the scale and impact of their operation. While there the base is attacked by vampires. A fierce fight ensures and with the help of Bobby's recipe on how to make new bullets for the Colt, they defeat the army vampires, as well as killing the Alpha Vampire.

12.17 The British Invasion

"You know what? It's not either/or. I have the same discussion with my boys. I'm not choosing hunting over them. Why does it have to be one or the other?"

In a motel room, Ketch is giving his debrief to Mick over the phone, telling him the skels they were sent to wipe out were a clan of shapeshifters. Ketch questions Mary on her training, confirming that she "learned on the job" regarding hunting, but that she always wanted a normal quiet life, before the two share a glass of whiskey.

Post-coital Ketch tells Mary he expected to end up shooting Mary, rather than bedding with her. Mary makes sure that Ketch understands that their sleeping together doesn't mean anything. Ketch assures her he isn't "built for that" and pointing out that she took his advice to pick either the work with the British Men of Letters or her family. Mary, however, rebukes his claim, telling him it's not either or and will not choose between hunting or her sons.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

"Hey it's me. Sorry I couldn't pick up before. I've been on a hunt with Ketch. And Dean... I'm sorry I haven't been there for you and Sam. But I wanna be. I will be. I just... I need to finish this. I miss you boys. I love you."

Dean leaves a heartfelt message for Mary, saying he wants to talk to her. At the British Men of Letters base, Mary and Ketch are interrogating a shapeshifter for information, however when Ketch begins taking things too far, Mary argues with him regarding his methods. She becomes suspicious when her inquires of where Mick Davies is go unanswered by Ketch.

As Mary walking through the base, she listens to Dean's message. After she hangs up her phone, she hears Ketch on the phone in Mick's office. When Mary's phone vibrates with a call from Dean, Mary quickly sends the call to voicemail and casually walks into Mick's office. She tells Ketch she uses Mick's computer for emails, Ketch gives her his seat and as Mary looks at her emails she finds a message from Mick telling her he is stuck in London. Soon after she returns Dean's call telling him that she loves him and Sam.

Mary enters the armory, looking around for the right ID number. Upon finding it, she opens the case and is saddened to find Mick's dead body. As she leaves the armory and heads down the hallway. She sees Ketch coming and turns around to get away from him. She tries to scan her hand into several rooms to no avail. When she sees a man leaving a room and sneaks in before the door closes. Once inside she is briefly relieved. She looks up and around the room, seeing several screens with photos and information on various hunters, including Sam, Dean, Garth, Claire and Eileen, displayed. Confused, she presses a recording on Dean's file and Mary immediately calls Dean's phone which goes straight to voicemail. After leaving a message, Mary turns to leave the room, but when she opens the door, she finds Ketch standing on the other side. As Ketch enters, Mary questions him about Mick's body, to which Ketch tells her was an "unfortunate werewolf mishap." In disbelief, Mary tries to walk past Ketch, but he grabs a hold of her and pushes her back. When Mary questions if Ketch killed Mick, Ketch tells her that Mick was weak. Mary punches Ketch in the face. A fight between the two ensues, and as Ketch pins Mary to the wall, she breaks free, and injures Ketch's arm before punching him in the face again. As she tries to leave, Ketch trips her and throws her across the table and onto the floor. He groans in pain and grabs his arm. He tells Mary that the end of the American hunters is coming, but he can protect her if she plays her part. Mary opts to head-butt him in the face. When Mary pulls Enochian brass knuckles from her coat pocket, he simply laughs, telling her he's not an angel. Mary kicks Ketch in the balls, dropping him to his knees before knocking him out with a blow from the brass knuckles. As Mary is about to leave, Ketch comes to and shots her with a taser, incapacitating her.

Mary is soon strapped to a chair in room, and has water thrown in her face, jostling her awake. She sees Ketch standing smugly before her, when she questions if Ketch is going to kill her, she is greeted by Lady Antonia Bevell who tells her she is too much of an asset to lose.

A brainwashed Mary betrays her sons.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

"Then you do it! Kill me. All my life all I ever had, other than my family, was my will. And it's going away. I'm... I'm putting people in danger. I'm putting my sons in danger. You... have to... please. For God's sake, kill me."

A hunter named Rick enters his apartment, surprised to find Mary sitting in the living room, telling him she has a line on a vampire nest, asking him if he wants in on clearing it. He agrees to help, and as he goes to get a beer from the fridge, he notices Mary in the reflection of a pot sneaking up behind him with a knife. Rick attempts to defend himself, cutting Mary with a broken beer bottle, however trips on another bottle the floor and as he lay prone, Mary approaches him and slits his throat.

The next day, Mary wakes up in a sterile octagonal room confused, she asks Lady Bevell if something happened the other night. Mary soon realizes that Lady Bevell has been brainwashing her and using her to eliminate hunters, angry Mary approaches Lady Bevell as if to strike her but is swiftly punched. As she sits, she starts nursing her wounded hand and begins to remember her fight with Rick. Sometime later, after a re-alignment session, Mary is dragged back to her room and placed on the cot, where she continues to remember Rick and the brainwashing.

When Mr. Ketch pays Mary a visit, she begins questioning what the British Men of Letters have been doing, only for Ketch tell her he will not intervene, as they have no relationship with each other. As Mary begins to cry, she leans up against Ketch and is able to steal his gun. Telling him she needs his help, she places the gun under her chin, but just as she fires, Ketch is able to knock the gun away. Mary drops to her knees and begins weeping, asking Ketch to just kill her, telling him she doesn't want to live without her family or her will. But Ketch simply tells her things will eventually get easier, and leaves Mary to her despair.

After Sam and Dean take out the British Men of Letters team, and take Ketch at gun point. Mary arrives in the Bunker pointing her gun, while Sam and Dean believe she is backing them up, Mary reveals her loyalty is to Ketch and fires a warning shot at Dean until they surrender. She leaves with Ketch, who has sealed the Bunker, leaving Sam, Dean and Lady Bevell to suffocate. On the drive back to the British Men of Letters Compound, Ketch assures her it will get easier, and she will soon forget about the people she loves. Telling him she feels fine as they drive off into the night.

12.22 Who We Are

"I'm scared. What... What if he can't forgive me?"

A brainwashed Mary continues to kill hunters for the British Men of Letters. When she arrives at Jody Mill's home, Jody and Alex overpower her. Sam and Dean, having escaped from being entombed in the Bunker, arrive with Toni Bevell. They rally a group of hunters and decide to attack and take out the British Men of Letters base. An injured Dean decides to remain and de-program the re-conditioning Mary has undergone.

At the Bunker, Toni Helps Dean enter Mary's subconscious. There he finds Mary taking refugee in a happy memory from just before she died, with a young Dean and baby Sam. Dean confronts her with how much he hates her -- what she did, how her actions led to such a hard childhood for them, and especially the horrors he and Sam had survived. Finally he admits that he also loves her and forgives her as he knows what it is to make deals to save someone you love. As he finally reaches Mary through to Mary, they are snapped out of her subconscious as Ketch has found them, having killed Toni Bevell. As Ketch attacks Dean, a fight between the two ensues, until he is shot by Mary, who kills him after he tells her they are the same.

In the aftermath, while cleaning the Bunker, Mary tells Dean she stayed away from Sam and Dean because of her guilt. Dean assures her she is forgiven and that what happened made he and Sam the men they are and that they "kick ass. We save the world." Sam soon enters and assures her she has nothing to be guilty for as the family embraces.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

"All right, then. Kind of always wanted to punch the Devil in the face. So how do we find them?"

At the Bunker, Sam shows Dean and Mary the photo of Lucifer leaving Needham Asylum. Mary questions Sam if he's sure it is actually Lucifer, which he assures Mary it is. After finding that Lucifer has killed Rowena and is looking for Kelly Kline, Sam suggests they find Castiel and Kelly first and keep them on the move, Mary agrees with the plan, telling her sons that she has always wanted to "punch the Devil in the face." The three then begin looking for weird phenomenon that may point to Cas and Kelly's location.

After finding a massive power outage in the Pacific Northwest, the Winchesters arrive at the house where Castiel is caring for Kelly Kline who has gone into labor. As Mary comforts her, Castiel reveals to Sam and Dean the portal to another world that the Nephilim has caused to appear. As her sons, Castiel and Crowley deal with Lucifer on the other side of the portal, Kelly begins to glow and in an explosion of light gives birth to her child, knocking Mary unconscious in the process.

When Lucifer follows Castiel out of the portal and kills him, Mary appears and starts punching Lucifer with Enochian brass knuckles on both her hands, forcing Lucifer back with each blow, eventually sending him falling through the portal. As Lucifer falls back, he grabs onto Mary and she is also pulled through just before it closes. Trapped on the other side, Mary stares down at Lucifer who is furious at being imprisoned in an alternate dimension.

13.01 Lost and Found

"So what now? You kill me?"

After being rendered unconscious by Jack, Dean has a dream of Mary confronting Lucifer, only for it to turn into a nightmare where Mary catches fire and is back on the ceiling of Sam's nursery, which jostles him to consciousness.

In Apocalypse World, Mary attempts to flee from Lucifer, but seemingly doesn't get far as Lucifer appears before her. He knocks Mary down with a back fist, reminding her that he can fly before picking her up by her collar. Mary questions if Lucifer is going to kill her, and as Lucifer tosses her aside to be impaled he stops her fall, pulling her back up and telling her he may have use for her.

13.02 The Rising Son

"You think I want you to win?"

Mary, in a state of hopelessness, questions why she should keep following Lucifer as he is just going kill her anyway. Lucifer explains to Mary that while in a perfect world he would just kill her and her sons, he can't, because he needs her to trade for his son when they get back to their universe. Mary questions the genuineness of Lucifer caring about raising his son, which Lucifer dismisses. While Lucifer is surveying the land, a fireball comes hurtling towards him and Mary. As Lucifer ducks out of the way of the ensuing explosion, Mary makes an escape attempt.

On the run, Mary soon finds herself face to face with a hunter, who does not believe Mary is a hunter. Realizing she is not an angel, he throws holy water onto Mary to see if she is a demon. When the water has no effect, the hunter explains that he has never seen a female hunter and that the female population took a hit during the various wars. When the hunter starts making unwanted advances towards Mary, she strikes him but is knocked to the ground. As the hunter is about to shoot her, Lucifer appears and punches a hole through the hunter's chest, killing him. Lucifer tries to plead with Mary that sticking with him is win/win -- they find a way out and they both get to see their children. However, Mary tells Lucifer she doesn't want him to win. Lucifer, with a snap of his fingers, causes Mary to double over in agonizing pain; after a few seconds he releases Mary and insists she continue with him.

As Mary and Lucifer trek the post-Apocalyptic landscape, Mary remarks she is tired, but only receives mockery and scorn from Lucifer. Angels materialize before them and demand Lucifer identify himself. When the angels do not believe Lucifer's identity, they prepare to smite him; as their eyes glow blue, Mary ducks away. Lucifer, undeterred, simply snaps his fingers and disintegrates the angels, looking to Mary in disbelief that angels would try to smite him. This act garners the attention of Michael, who asks where Lucifer and Mary came from. Lucifer tells him of alternate universes and inter-dimensional travel and blames Mary, who shrugs it off. Mary simply looks on as Lucifer and Michael size each other up and a fight ensues where Michael gets the upper hand on Lucifer.

13.07 War of the Worlds

In an attempt to gain some respite from his torture, Lucifer suggests the angels torture Mary for a while. His suggestion is ignored, however.

Jack is transported to Mary's prison.

13.09 The Bad Place

"Help. Help. Help! Somebody help me!"

With the help of dreamwalker Derek Swan and through combining their powers, Jack is able to access to Apocalypse World, and is able to locate Mary, who is hanging from a gibbet cage in a dilapidated church, screaming in pain and calling for help. However, Derek is not strong enough to sustain the connection and Jack is forced to stop before he kills him.

Derek gives Jack Kaia Nieves' name, telling him she is the strongest dreamwalker he has ever encountered. After saving Kaia from angels, Sam and Dean learn that Kaia can help them save Mary. When she refuses, Dean puts his gun to her head and orders her into the Impala. When a group of angels attacks them, Kaia agrees to help Jack find Apocalypse World as a means to escape the angels. As Jack traverses the landscape, he finds Mary, but Kaia begins losing her connection, jumping between Apocalypse World and the Bad Place. In a surge of power Jack is fully transported to Apocalypse World, where he regains consciousness at Mary's feet as she looks down at him from her cage.

13.14 Good Intentions

"And Dean and Sam were never born. Bobby, I made that deal. And it—I brought my boys a lot of pain. But what happened here, in your world? Sam and Dean stopped that war in mine."

Jack is thrown in a cell with Mary. She recognizes Jack, and he tells her that Sam and Dean sent him. He doesn’t know what Michael wants from him, but Mary tells him the angels want him to open a door to their world, and that they’ll torture her until Jack agrees to do it. Mary and Jack realize that the angels are suppressing Jack’s power within the prison with warding so strong it gives Mary migraines. They find that the angelic warding is weak near the barred window, and they manage to escape.

Mary and Jack run into Bobby who is patrolling with some men, and he takes them to his camp in the woods. Bobby explains that everyone there had been attacked by angels, who are exterminating humanity. Mary warns Bobby that Michael will be after them, but he tells them they’ll be okay there because the camp is heavily guarded.

At the camp, Jack entertains the children with shadow puppets while Bobby tells Mary about the version of her that he knew, who didn’t make the demon deal. Mary realizes that making the deal may have hurt her boys, but it prevented the war that destroyed Bobby’s world. Bobby notices Jack’s magical shadow puppets and asks if he’s a witch or a psychic, but Mary trusts Bobby enough to risk telling him the truth. Angry that she would bring a nephilim into his camp, Bobby demands Jack leave by morning, and Mary says that if Jack leaves, so does she. Bobby warns her that, just like the angels they’d thought were on their side at the beginning of the war, Jack will eventually turn on them, too.

Jack tells Mary how he admires the humans at Bobby’s camp, but Mary tells him they have to leave. A siren sounds as angels begin dive-bombing into the camp, causing Mary and Jack run for cover as Zachariah and his troops arrive. Running through the woods, Mary and Jack find Bobby, who tells them that the angels found Jack at the camp because he’d used his powers making shadow puppets. Wanting to help, Bobby gives Mary an escape route from the camp and tells her to take the children to safety, but tells Jack he has done enough. Mary tells Jack to hide from the angels and they split up.

Zachariah and his angels attack Bobby’s camp. Jack hears the fighting and returns just as Zachariah finds Mary. She refuses to tell him where Jack is and he knocks her to the ground. Jack arrives just as Zachariah is preparing to kill her. Jack uses his powers on the angel, raising him into the air and exploding him in a cloud of dust. As more angels begin their descent into the camp, Jack focuses his powers and explodes them in mid-air. Bobby thanks Jack for helping save everyone, and Jack says it’s what Sam and Dean would’ve done. He tells Mary and Bobby that he knows the war won’t stop as long as Michael is alive, and states his intention to kill Michael.

13.20 Unfinished Business

"We can prepare and we can fight… and sometimes, things happen we'll never see coming."

Learning from one of their soldiers, Jakob, that Michael has abandoned his fortress, Mary and Jack lead their group to the wastelands and investigate, once Jack confirms that the church has been abandoned except for a few sentries. Arriving at the fortress, Mary shows trepidation, fearing that they may have walked into a trap after finding a map of the U.S. showing Michael's soldiers gathered in the south.

When Jakob finds Kevin Tran locked in a dungeon, Mary tries to calm the prophet down, asking him what Michael has planned. With this new information, Mary and Jack argue whether he should attack Michael; Mary is against the idea and pleads with Jack to wait for Bobby to arrive so they can formulate a plan together. Jack, however, decides to attack Michael. Mary once again tries dissuade him, warning that going in blind like he plans to can lead to big mistakes. Jack assures Mary he will be back for the rest of them. Before Jack can leave, Kevin reveals he was planted by Michael to send a message to Jack, uncovering a sigil carved into his chest. When Jack tells Kevin he won't be able to kill him with it, Kevin tells him Michael wants to break him, not kill him, and activates the sigil, consuming himself in light. Jack acts quickly and protects himself and Mary with his wings while the explosion kills everyone else in the room.

In the aftermath, Jack blames himself for the death of the people he claimed he would protect. Mary attempts to comfort Jack, telling him they can prepare, and fight, but things will always happen that are out of their hands.

13.21 Beat the Devil

"It was hard. But somehow, I always knew that you... you and Dean would come and save us. And you did."

Mary greets Dean when he, Castiel, Gabriel, and Maggie arrive to their Dayton outpost. She hugs Dean and asks about Sam, only for Dean to tell her he didn't make it. They decide to return to the Morehead Tunnel to recover Sam's body, but their excursion is nipped in the bud when a revived Sam enters the camp alongside Lucifer.

13.22 Exodus

"I -- Sam... Dean... I know what you went through to come find me. But these people are being slaughtered. They need me here."

After being reunited with her sons, Mary is loading her gun as Castiel escorts Lucifer past her. When he asks her if she missed him, Mary swiftly punches Lucifer in the face. As Sam and Dean ask about finding Jack so they could all go home, Mary tells them she doesn't intend to go back; having fought with the refugees for nearly a year, she doesn't want to abandon them. Sam however, comes up with an idea to take the refugees with them to keep them safe while they figure a way to stop Michael.

After making it to Bobby's salvage yard, Sam, Dean, and Mary pitch their plan to escape through a rift to the resistance leaders. Bobby reveals to them that Charlie and Ketch have been captured by angels and are to be executed. Tracking them down to a Gas-N-Sip, Mary, Sam, Dean, Jack, and Cas lead a rescue mission. After bringing Charlie and Ketch back to Bobby's they learn that everyone has agreed to their plan, and they decide to leave first thing in the morning.

Once arriving to the rift, Mary leads the refugees through to the other universe.

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

"Maybe it wasn't one of them. Maybe...there are monsters in this world that aren't monsters."

Mary and Bobby walk through the woods, talking about Bobby's plans now that he and the refugees are seemingly stuck. Along the way, they come across Maggie's dead body and call Sam and Dean.

At the Bunker, Mary and Bobby discuss what could have killed Maggie, with Mary suggesting that there are monsters in the world that aren't actually monsters. Suddenly, Jack and Lucifer enter the Bunker. A confused Mary asks what Jack is doing, but he assures her that Lucifer is there to help, that he is going to resurrect Maggie.

When Michael gains access to the Bunker, Dean tells Mary and Bobby to take Maggie out the back, and they will buy them some time.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

"I know. I know he's out there, scared and alone. I know. I know he might never come back. Never think I don't know that. But -- I can't -- I have to think about the good, Sam, because, if I don't, I will drown in the bad. For Dean's sake, I can't do that. We can't do that."

It's been weeks since Dean was taken by Michael and Mary is in the Bunker helping the Apocalypse World hunters when Sam arrives from his trip to Atlanta. Finding that his lead went nowhere, Mary assures Sam that something will break and tells him to go lay down and rest.

After finding out that Castiel has been captured by a demon named Kipling, Mary, Sam, Bobby, Jack, and Maggie head to Detroit to rescue him. On the drive there, Mary reveals to Sam that she too is scared that Dean may never come back, but tells him she can't think like that and has to hope that they will find him. When they arrive at the location, Sam gives Mary the demon-killing knife and pairs her with Bobby, telling the two to stay back. After Jack and Maggie are captured, Mary and Bobby bust through the front door of the bar and start shooting at the demons. As everyone is fighting, a demon starts to get the upper hand on Mary, but is quickly stabbed with an angel blade by Maggie. After Sam kills Kipling, the rest of the demons flee.

Back at the Bunker, Mary and Bobby share a beer in the kitchen.

14.02 Gods and Monsters

"She wasn’t lying about the slaughter happening here -- whole lot of dried blood on the floor."

With a new lead that Michael was spotted in Duluth by Sister Jo, Mary, Bobby, and Sam follow up reports on a mass grave where the bodies appeared to have been the victims of angel smiting. Arriving at the morgue, the three begin examining the bodies, quickly discovering that they are all vampires. They are led to a young women, Lydia Crawford, who was the only surviving member of her nest that was killed. She is able to point them to an abandoned church where she and her nest were held and experimented on by Michael.

Arriving at the church, Mary spots dried blood on the floor, but no other trace of Michael. They are soon attacked by werewolves. Each person takes a werewolf, and they are forced to decapitate them when they show an immunity to silver. Questioning what just happened, the group is surprised by the sudden arrival of Dean, who reveals that Michael has left him.

14.05 Nightmare Logic

"Sam. Watching you these last few weeks, you know what I've been saying to myself? 'This is what he was born to do.' If Bobby can't see that, then it's not the only thing he's been missing lately."

14.08 Byzantium

Dean leaves Mary a message to let her know that Jack died.

14.11 Damaged Goods

"I saw, Dean. Donna’s shed. I know what you’ve been building, planning. And we’re gonna talk about that. We are all three of us gonna talk about that. So if you don’t tell Sam… I will."

14.13 Lebanon

"And he won’t remember anything?"

Soon after John's arrival in 2019, Mary arrives at the Bunker to find John sitting in the kitchen with Sam and Dean and they have an emotional reunion. After learning that John's presence in 2019 has messed with the timeline, Sam breaks it to Mary that John has to be sent back to 2003. Mary prepares Winchester Surprise and for the first time ever, the family sits down and has a meal together, and are thankful that they were able to have this short time together.

When it is time for John to be sent back, Mary and John have their tearful goodbye before John looks to Sam and Dean and tells them he loves them. John takes Mary's hand one last time and tells Sam to destroy the Baozhu pearl, sending him back to 2003.

14.17 Game Night

"You need help, we'll help you. We're your family."
Castiel confirms Mary's death by entering her personal Heaven.

14.18 Absence

"No, I'm just saying... parenting is always a struggle. You always feel like you're failing, but then you look at them, and somehow they're amazing. And somehow, they're literally... the bravest... kindest... most heroic men on the planet. Kids. They'll always surprise you."

Jack desperately tries to undo Mary's death, enlisting Rowena to use a resurrection spell. But due to there being no body left, and Jack's state of mind, Jack is only able to bring back an empty shell, unsuitable to hold a soul.

In Castiel's mission to find Mary, he meets with Dumah at the playground, where Dumah reveals to him that Mary died an instant painless death, and that she is in a special Heaven and complete. Wanting to confirm this himself, Castiel is granted access to Heaven and finds that Mary is happy with John. Accepting that their mother is gone, Sam and Dean, along with Castiel, give Mary a hunter's funeral pyre. As a tribute to her, Mary's initials are carved into the Bunker table alongside Sam and Dean's.

14.19 Jack in the Box

A few days after Mary's death, the Winchesters and Castiel hold a hunter's memorial for Mary at the Bunker, attended by many of the hunters Mary was close with. Also in attendance is a wraith from a nest Mary had hunted with Bobby Singer the last time they worked together. After killing the wraith, Bobby guesses that the wraith had been present to gloat about Mary being dead. However, Castiel feels that Mary would've appreciated the fact that her hunter's memorial was complete with a monster, and Bobby agrees. Bobby subsequently becomes determined to hunt down and kill Jack for what he did, as does Dean.

After Castiel tries to get to Jack in Heaven, Dumah threatens to end John and Mary's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers if Castiel doesn't do as she says. In retaliation and to protect John and Mary, Castiel instantly kills Dumah with his angel blade, ensuring their safety.

14.20 Moriah

While Dean still wants to kill Jack for Mary's death, Sam protests against it because they haven't tried to save him. Castiel attempts to find a way to restore Jack's soul, but Chuck claims that souls are complicated, even for him, and instead presents them with the Equalizer, which is capable of killing anything at the cost of the shooter's life.

Dean has an opportunity to kill Jack with the Equalizer, but ultimately can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Chuck, who wants Jack dead, tries to motivate Dean to kill Jack in exchange for bringing Mary back to life, but he refuses. Dean says that he misses Mary and will miss her for the rest of his life but acknowledges that she wouldn't want him to bring her back at the cost of killing Jack or himself. Sam realizes that Chuck has been manipulating the Winchesters' lives as part of some sick story, including Mary's death.

15.13 Destiny's Child

A resurrected Jack recognizes that Dean is still angry over Mary's death and wonders if Dean will ever forgive him. Castiel suggests that with time, Dean may eventually be able to. Due to his soulless state, Jack is still unable to do more than understand the pain he caused by killing Mary.

As Jack's soul is restored by the Occultum, he experiences a flashback to Mary's death. With his soul restored, Jack is reduced to tears over his actions and begs Sam and Dean for forgiveness.

15.15 Gimme Shelter

When Dean asks Amara why she brought Mary back, Amara explains that she wanted two things for him: First to see his mother for the person she really was and not the myth he had built up for her, and second to hopefully release him of his anger, which she says did not work.

15.20 Carry On

After Dean dies and arrives in Heaven, he is met by Bobby, who tells him that all the walls have been taken down by Jack and Heaven is everyone happy and together. He notes that John and Mary have a place "over yonder."


  • Mary's nightgown is pale pink not white.
  • In the comic Origins 4, it is related that in February 1979, John and Mary go rafting in the Grand Canyon while on their honeymoon. Their raft flips, and John nearly drowns until Mary saves him. That night, Dean is conceived. This is obviously at odds with the canonical timeline which has Dean born in January 24, 1979.
  • Mary appears in a flashback in the Supernatural spin-off novel Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon, where she and her parents first defeat a fire-demon known as the Heart of the Dragon in 1969. A teenager at this time, Mary flirts with a San Francisco hunter, and it is implied that they have had sex (The hunter was spared from going to Vietnam because of an injured foot, with Mary affirming to Samuel that the angle of the wound makes it impossible for it to have been self-inflicted). Reference is also made to her being friends with a local mechanic, who may or may not be John Winchester.

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