Martin Creaser

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Name Martin Creaser
Actor Jon Gries
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Benny Lafitte)
Location Carencro, Louisiana
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 5.11 Sam, Interrupted
8.09 Citizen Fang

Y-yeah. L-l-little s-shock therapy in the morning, and I-I'm good to go.

– Martin Creaser, 8.09 Citizen Fang


Martin Creaser was a hunter who saved John Winchester's life many times, he stopped hunting after an incident in Albuquerque, which Sam and Dean know about. The details of what happened are not revealed, but they were bad enough that he left hunting and voluntarily checked himself into Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Ketchum, Oklahoma.


5.11 Sam, Interrupted

Martin during his institutionalization at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital.

Martin reaches out to Sam and Dean because there have been five unusual deaths, all deemed suicides by the hospital. He explains that in the past he would've investigated himself, but is not able to due to his poor mental health.

Sam joins Martin in group therapy, where a patient wants to talk about "the monster hunting us." He insists it's real and gets the other patients riled up, but the doctor shuts him down, insisting that there is no monster and that he needs to behave. The man clams up nervously, and as Sam watches all of this with interest, Martin shoots him a knowing look.

After another death, Sam and Dean break into the morgue to investigate the body, and find the brain missing. Dean fills Martin in on what they found and Martin suddenly realizes they're up against a wraith -- a monster that feeds on brains, telling Sam and Dean that a locked-down mental hospital is the perfect hunting ground for it, as who's going to believe any of the patients when they say they've seen a monster? Martin shows Sam and Dean his journal entry on wraiths, revealing the only thing that can kill it is silver. The bad news is that it can pose as a regular person, which means it could be anyone in the hospital. However, it does show its true reflection in a mirror.

Dean decides to hang out by one of the security mirrors and check out the reflections of everyone who walks by. When Dr. Cartwright appears and asks Dean what he's doing, he tells her he's hunting a wraith. As Dr. Fuller walks by Dean glances at his reflection in the mirror and sees he's the wraith.

Dean and Sam grab silver-plated letter openers and give one to Martin, assuring him it should work. They lay out the plan, explaining that Dr. Fuller is on duty that night, and they'll have to slip past the orderlies and security to get to him. They find Dr. Fuller and Sam attacks him, knocking out two orderlies. He almost makes the killing strike before Martin pulls him off, pointing out the silver hasn't reacted with Dr. Fuller's skin -- he is not the wraith.

Sam is soon heavily sedated in his room, while in the day room, Dean starts to hallucinate. Dean finds his way to Martin, telling him that he thinks the wraith poisoned him and Sam by venom, or saliva, and is making them crazy. He deduces it must be the patient, Wendy, who kissed them, but when they get to her room they find Nurse Forman is the wraith as she is about to feed on Wendy's brain. Nurse Forman attacks them and escapes, telling the orderlies Dean and Martin have attacked Wendy. Martin holds off the orderlies while Dean goes after Nurse Forman, who leaps on Dean and throws Martin to the side, punching Dean relentlessly. Nurse Forman breaks into the room where Sam is restrained, but Dean attacks her, killing her when he plunges the letter opener into her chest. He releases Sam and they escape from the hospital as the alarm is raised.

Dean asks if he's okay, and Sam says no, that the wraith was right. That most of the time he can hide it, but he's angry at everything, all the time, and he doesn't know why. Dean tells him he needs to bury it, to forget about it, and move on, because that's how they keep going, that's how they don't end up like Martin.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

When Sam is hallucinating, his hallucination of Dean mentions how quickly Martin lost his sanity.

Martin dead after confronting Benny.

8.09 Citizen Fang

After Martin is released from the psychiatric hospital, he is contacted by Sam to keep tabs on the vampire Benny Lafitte, to make sure he is keeping his teeth clean. According to Sam, he reports that Benny is keeping clean, but after finding what he believes to be one of Benny's victims, he calls in the Winchesters. Martin refuses to believe Dean's theory that it is another vampire, but reluctantly agrees to allow him a couple of hours to find out at Sam's insistence. When Dean returns with a story of how it is a rogue vampire named Desmond and not Benny, Martin knocks him out and heads off with Sam to find and kill Benny. However, Dean tricks Sam into thinking that his ex-girlfriend, Amelia Richardson, needs his help and Sam drives off in Martin's car, leaving Martin alone and frustrated with the Winchesters.

Later, Dean calls Martin after Desmond is killed and tells him that it is over and to get out of the hunting lifestyle. However, the experience seems to have completely unhinged Martin who has become obsessed with killing Benny to the point that he kidnaps his great-granddaughter Elizabeth to draw him out. Martin reveals the truth of Benny's relationship to Elizabeth and prepares to decapitate a willing Benny. However, Benny apparently attacks at the last moment and rips Martin's throat out, killing him. Elizabeth calls Dean who arrives to find Martin's dead body and Benny gone. He later reports Martin's death to Sam and tells him that Martin "had it coming."

8.10 Torn and Frayed

When Dean meets up with Sam, he defends Martin's death as self-defense on Benny's part, much to Sam's annoyance as Dean calls a vampire killing a hunter "self-defense." Later, when Benny calls Dean for help, he tries to explain, but Dean already knows what happened because Elizabeth told him and he knows Benny had no choice but to kill Martin.

8.18 Freaks and Geeks

When describing (and insulting) the current generation of hunters, Victor Rogers mentions Martin who was seen as insane in his eyes.