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Name Marin
Actor Kacey Rohl
Location Northern Indiana State Hospital
Episode(s) 7.17 The Born-Again Identity


Marin is a young girl locked psychiatric ward of the Northern Indiana State Hospital because she is being haunted by her brother, who is pushing her to commit suicide.


7.17 The Born-Again Identity

The spirit of Marin's brother.

When Marin meets Sam she notices him not eating, and offers him a candy bar she has stolen. When she next visits, Sam invites her to stay and talk. Marin, who has has been in the hospital for five weeks, bears burns from a fire she was involved in, which everyone assumes she lit. Marin says she wishes she could die.

Marin asks Sam about why he is in the hospital and he admits he is hearing voices. Marin says she hears her dead brother. Marin admits that didn't mind hearing from him at first, but then he started urging her to kill herself. It was him who set the fire that nearly killed her.

Sam tells Marin that her brother is a ghost and that he can help him move on. While her brother was cremated, she is wearing a friendship bracelet he made for her while he had an injured hand, so it has some of his blood on it. Marin steals a lighter, and Sam makes a ring of salt which they stand in while they burn the bracelet. Marin's brother appears, but is soon dissipated.


  • Kacey Rohl is the daughter of Mike Rohl who had directed ten episodes of Supernatural at the time of airing.