Margot Cassity

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Margot Cassity.png
Name Margot Cassity
Actor Candice-May Langlois
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Crowley's hellhound)
Location Hell
Episode(s) 8.14 Trial and Error


Margot Cassity is a member of the wealthy Cassity family. Her family is rich because her actions, which involved her selling her soul to Crowley caused her family to find oil in their land in 2003. She did this because she believed that her family would be happy if they were all rich. She at one point was caught having sexual intercourse with Carl Granville in the family's barn by her father, Noah Cassity. She ran away to live in Paris just before her older sister, Alice and Carl's wedding.


8.14 Trial and Error

After hearing the news of the death of her borther-in-law, Carl Granville, Margot along with the other family members all arrived at the farm to grieve the lost with Alice Cassity, her sister. Gathering around the dinner table, Margot and the others discuss with each other about each others problems and secrets which leads to everyone feeling awkward. Then they reminiscent about the last time they all had a meal together which leads Sam to discover that Crowley is involved. Margo and her father then go on a hunt to find the wolves who killed Carl but Sam intervenes and tags along with them because of the fact that they are actually hunting a hellhound. During the hunt, Margo is viciously attacked by Crowley's hellhound which kills her and drags her soul to Hell.