Margaret Astor

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Name Margaret Astor
Actor Leanne Lapp
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Mr. Cromarty)
Location Seattle, Washington
Occupation Religious Antiquities Dealer
Episode(s) 13.15 A Most Holy Man


Margaret Astor was a dealer in religious relics. Upon learning that the skull of St. Peter has been stolen by Antonio Miele, she sends her man, Mr. Cromarty, to murder Miele and steal the skull.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

Believing they need the blood of a saint, the Winchesters have a meeting with Margaret Astor in San Francisco. Margaret is instantly enamored by Sam and as a favor to him, decides to help the Winchesters by introducing them to Richard Greenstreet. However, she advises caution in dealing with him.

With the skull of St. Peter in hand, Margaret and Mr. Cromarty meet with Santino Scarpatti and Richard Greenstreet at a warehouse to auction off the skull to the highest bidder. When Sam suddenly appears with a briefcase full of money, Margaret allows him to stay and bid on the skull, wishing him luck. Margaret is shocked at Greenstreet's offer to Cromarty to kill her for $1 million dollars, calling Cromarty a loyal employee before being shot in the back and killed.