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Name Marco
Actor Mike Gazzola
Dates  ???? – 2015 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Fall River, Massachusetts
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 11.06 Our Little World


Marco was a demon that was tasked by Crowley with cleaning up after Amara's feedings by disposing of soulless people.


11.06 Our Little World

Marco's first victim was Len Fletcher, who he killed after Len had turned himself into the police. Upon learning this, Crowley ordered Marco to continue looking for any soulless people in the area.

Marco's next target was Goldie Schmidtlapp, who was taken into custody for attempting to kill her mother. Upon entering her cell, Marco found himself bound in a devil's trap painted on the ceiling of the cell, where he is then taken by Sam and Dean Winchester to their motel and interrogated. Marco would go on to reveal that after Amara had gone through half of his demon buddies, Crowley put her on a diet. Which Amara did not like, and led to her sneaking out to consume human souls, which Marco has been dealing with. When Marco refused to give the location of where Crowley is holding Amara, Dean attempts to kill him before being stopped by Sam who wished to save the vessel. But upon discovering a bullet wound in Marco's chest, Sam lets Dean continue and kills Marco with a stab to the heart. With Marco's death, Sam was able to use his GPS to find that Crowley was holding Amara in Needham Asylum.