Mara Daniels

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Name Mara Daniels
Actor Bridget White
Location Little Rock, Arkansas
Occupation Lawyer
Episode(s) 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues


Mara Daniels is the public defender assigned to defend Sam and Dean Winchester when they are arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas.


2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

As she investigates the case against the Winchesters, she begins to believe that the boys are innocent. Mara takes her concerns to Agent Henriksen, citing Detective Diana Ballard and Sherri's testimony that the Winchesters actually saved them in both cases. However Henriksen dismisses her.

Later while visiting Dean at Green River, he asks her to find anything she can about Delores Glockner, specifically where she is buried. Despite appearing to be resistant, she does the research Dean requests and finds the burial spot. After Sam and Dean escape, she buys the boys time to salt and burn Glockner's corpse by directing the FBI to the wrong cemetery.