Mandy Duren

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Name Mandy
Actor Janet Kidder
Location Buffalo, New York
Episode(s) 6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven


Mandy Duran and her son, Aiden, live with her boyfriend, Cal Garrigan. They take in a dog, Lucky, who is really a skinwalker. Lucky grows attached to Mandy and kills anyone who threatens her and her son: their landlord because they are behind on the rent, Cal's brother because he was violent towards Mandy, and eventually Cal, who is a drunk.

After being hit by a car while in dog form as he fled Sam, Sam and Dean take Lucky from the animal hospital, binding him in rope and silver chains to restrain him. He reveals that there are about thirty skinwalkers who have been recruited and are living with families as pets. On a signal from their pack leader, they will infect their families, thus recruiting more skinwalkers. He tells Sam and Dean that there are packs in many other towns, but he knows nothing of the Alpha Skinwalker.

Lucky leads Sam and Dean to the Pack Leader, but he has kidnapped Mandy and her son and threatens to kill them unless Lucky turns them. Sam and Dean open fire, and all the skinwalkers are killed except Lucky, who, although shot with a silver bullet, escapes.

Lucky in human form, goes to visit Mandy and tells her how he appreciated her kindness, but she tells him to leave. Lucky transforms into a dog and dejectedly leaves.