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"Makin' Bacon" is a song by David Haydn-Jones first created at Jus In Bello Italy 2017 as an improvisational piece. It was expanded, fully produced and released for distribution in time for Jus In Bello Italy 2018, marking the anniversary of his first appearance at JIB.

Profits from song sales go to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

Project Description

I know what you’re thinking. Davey, what on earth is this? You wrote and recorded a single about “Makin’ Bacon”? I know… kinda weird BUT… long story short: I did an off-the-cuff, improv jingle last year at Jus In Bello #Jib8 Supernatural convention. It became an ear-worm. Then a meme. And then it just wouldn’t die. By YOU folks!! So I was dared and challenged to record it. I did. I went totally overboard ;) I wrote a Country / Rock single based on my chorus. Hopefully, in a way you will laugh, sing along and just plain ROCK OUT TO!! It’s Ketch-y. I promise. David Haydn-Jones, Instagram post, May 21 2018


Another morning
I’m still in mourning
An empty space where she once lived
But tiny footsteps
Dance down the stairwell
Reminders of the joy she gives
I feel so sad
Yet seldom am I lonely
With those little grins to greet the day
Two mouths to feed
My precious one-and-onlies
Gotta keep’em smiling with all I say
So I’m singing…
Makin’ bacon
Makin’ makin’ bacon
Makin’ bacon
Makin’ makin’ bacon
I’m makin’ bacon
Daddy’s makin’ bacon
Cooking up some love to feed my family
I sip my coffee
Wave to the school bus
Avoid the mess, avoid my pain
I roll some papers
Crush those leafy crystals
Breathe deep
My sinful lover Mary-Jane
I get so high
But never am I happy
A double shift still looms today
I gotta work
But, man, do I feel crappy
Gotta keep on grinding and still get paid
So I’m…
Makin’ bacon
Gotta make the bacon
Makin’ bacon
Makin’ makin’ bacon
I’m sick of fakin’
Gotta quit this wake and bakin’
Gotta make that bacon
Gotta feed my family
I think I’m ready
To turn some pages
Rewrite this tale… The end’s not done
Be with a partner
Cuz it’s been ages
I’m craving LOVE and some big boy fun
I could swipe right
Or try to digitize her
But robo-dating ain’t for me
I’ll stick with bars, dance halls, picnics, parties
Old-school socializing sets me free
And then…
Rooms melt
Eyes meet
Souls merge
The clouds beneath your feet
A new friend
A TRUE lover
And in an instant we’re rolling in the covers singing…
So here’s the lesson
Of what I’ve told you
Just keep the faith
And trust it’s not too long
When life is darkest
We must keep our light on
With humor, grace, and sometimes
Singing songs…
Sing it with me NOW!!
Makin’ bacon
Makin’ makin’ bacon
Makin’ bacon
Makin’ makin’ bacon
(Repeat 4x)

Creative Team

Producer: @bigfunky1
Producer / Recording Engineer / Cover Art: @vinniecorbo
Bass Guitar: @blackmarketreverie
Lead Guitars: @brettfarkasmusic
Drums: @kevwin65
Backing vocals: @suzannevocals and @jennifer.haydn.jones
Cowbell: @davidhaydnjones
Final Mix: Grammy award winner Rich Breen
Photo Credit: @monicadphoto <3 = LOVE

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