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Coins can be imbued with magical power and used for a variety of purposes

Tiamat Talisman

The Tiamat coin.

This was created by Tiamat's priests in ancient times. Using incredible dark magics, they forged the coin to sow the seeds of Chaos. The coin features the Babylonian God of Primordial Chaos, Tiamat. On the other side is the symbol of the Babylonian God Shamash, bringer of light and justice.

A person who tosses the coin into a well effectively "turns on the well." It grants any wish made on the well, but once the wish is granted it begins to warp until the wisher no longer wants it. Essentially, if multiple people make wishes on the well to get whatever they want, it creates chaos by granting their wishes and making them turn sour. Because the coin protects itself and the well, no one else can remove it. The coin must be removed from the well by the person who first tossed it in, and once it is removed, all wishes will be undone.

4.08 Wishful Thinking

Sam and Dean discover that wishes made at the wishing well in Lucky Chin's restaurant in Concrete, Washington, come true. They drain the wishing well and find a very unusual and ancient coin at the bottom. Try as they may, they cannot remove it. They eventually discover that Wes Mondale inherited the coin from his grandfather, who found it in North Africa, but warned him not to use it.

Sam and Dean force Wes to remove the coin, and they later melt it down to prevent it from ever being used again.

Tracking Coin

Crowley's tracking coin.

A tracking coin can get around the effects of the hex bags used to hide Sam and Dean from demons. It can be used to track them like GPS and overhear their conversations.

5.20 The Devil You Know

Crowley reveals he knows about Sam and Dean's plan to use the Horsemen's Rings to trap Lucifer in the Cage because of a magical coin his valet planted in Sam and Dean's car when they broke into his house (in 5.10 Abandon All Hope). The coin allows him to track their position despite the fact they are carrying hex bags to hide them from demons. It also allows him to eavesdrop on their conversations.

Later in the episode, after Crowley comes back from his rendezvous with the demons, he discovers that they've planted a coin on him as well. They use the coin's signal to send a hellhound after Crowley, Sam, Dean, and Brady, but Crowley manages to kill it with his own hound.

Romanian Hex Coin

Maggie Stark's collection of hex coins.

An antique Wallachian ducat coin with Romanian Cyrillic lettering, dating from the 15th–19th century which can help focus the power of a spell.

7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Maggie Stark is angry at her husband Don Stark for having an affair and is killing people associated with Don by placing a magical coin near them and working a spell. Sam manages to stop one attack by shooting the a coin, destroying it. Don strikes back, ruining Maggie's charity art auction and killing her best friend. Finally, Maggie and Don reconcile after some relationship advice from Sam and Dean. However Maggie still tries to kill them, thwarted only by Don retrieving the hex coins from their motel room.

Coins As Spirit Anchors

Vance Collins' lucky 1859 Indian Head Penny.

Coins have also been used as spirit anchors, much like Bobby's Flask.

8.06 Southern Comfort

When the spectre of an unknown confederate soldier begins possessing people and killing those they hold a grudge against in Kearney, Missouri, Sam, Dean, and Garth salt and burn his bones. When that doesn't stop the killings, they figure that something must've been stolen from his tomb, and that he's using it as an anchor. Sam and Garth visit the local library and—with the help of a librarian—they find information on who the unknown soldier is theorized to be: Vance Collins. In the book outlining this theory, there's a picture of Vance. Sam spots a chain around the soldier's neck with a coin hanging from it. Having found a broken string on the floor in the tomb the night before, Sam is certain that the coin is what they're looking for. The librarian explains that since the majority of soldiers were poor, their families would give them a penny on a string—for good luck, or in case they got lost and needed money for sustenance.

As the coin was spent and made its way through town to various different hands, the spectre was able to possess the owner and feed on their grudges. This was because Vance himself had vowed revenge on his brother—a Union soldier who killed him—with his dying breath. The spectre eventually forcefully possesses Dean by placing the coin in his hand. This leads to Dean airing out his grievances aggressively with Sam, holding a gun at him. Before Dean gets the chance to pull the trigger, Garth punches him, knocking the coin out of his hand. Garth then melts the penny down, laying Vance's spirit to rest.

Atrox Fortuna Coin

Sam Winchester regains his luck.

An ancient Roman coin bearing the visage of the goddess Fortuna that bestows luck upon whomever possesses one. When the coin goes blank, the person runs out of luck.

15.11 The Gamblers

The Roman Goddess of Fortune and Luck, Fortuna had set up a pool hall called Lurlene's in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. Patrons can enter the bar, where they are given a special coin that when touched transfers all their luck. The coins initially appear blank, and depending on how much luck a person has or accumulates, the image of Fortuna appears and becomes more clear. People can then bet their luck in a game of pool, with the winner gaining a portion of the other's luck. When a person's luck runs out, their coin becomes dulled and they are forced out of the bar to their inevitable deaths.

Sam also realizes that Fortuna has been skimming luck off every game, preventing Dean from gaining all the luck accumulated by Joey Six, who reigned as the undefeated pool champion. To win back the luck she stole, Sam gets challenged by Fortuna herself and manages to beat her when she starts talking about how Chuck created the pagan gods. Fortuna challenges them to a double-or-nothing game where the Winchesters earn the Luck of Heroes to help them fight God if they win, but instead, Sam wants her to close up shop and give back the luck she stole to everyone else in the bar. While Fortuna manages to beat Sam in a perfect game, she remains impressed by the Winchesters' heroism, having once believed that heroes like the old days went extinct. Fortuna closes up shop and has Evie give the Winchesters a coin bestowing the Luck of Heroes upon them along with advice on how to beat Chuck. "Don't play His game. Make Him play yours."