Maggie (The Winchesters)

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Name Maggie
Dates c.1953 – 1971 (killed by a vampire)
Occupation Hunter


Maggie was a cousin to Mary Campbell and a hunter. She was killed in 1971 at the age of 18 by a vampire, something for which Mary blames herself. She was also very close to Latika Dar. After each hunt, Maggie would write on a postcard two bad things and one good thing that happened on the hunt to help her porcess her feelings. She was a big fan of Donny Osmond.


1.01 Pilot

Maggie is mentioned by a demon that Mary has knocked into a pool or holy water, it mocks Mary telling her that Maggie is in Hell "burning so bright", before Mary begins the exorcism rites. When John asks about Maggie, Mary tells him that demons will say things to mess with your head, and brushes the question off.

Later, Mary reveals to John that Maggie was her cousin and like a sister to her, and that she was killed the year prior by a vampire.

1.04 Masters of War

Mary is still dealing with her grief and guilt over Maggie's death, and can't even bear to enter her bedroom. While she and the team investigates the suspicious deaths at a veteran's hospital, Mary and Latika go into Maggie's room to look through her lore books. It is then they find the postcards that Maggie wrote after each hunt. Later, Mary agrees to let Carlos stay in Maggie's old room.