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Name Maggie
Actor Natalie Sharp
Location Flint, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 10.05 Fan Fiction


Maggie is a student at St. Alphonso's Academy in Flint, Michigan. She had been cast as Sam Winchester in the Supernatural musical.


10.05 Fan Fiction

Throughout the production the Supernatural musical, Maggie has been at odds with Marie over her vision of the show. Soon after Mrs. Chandler mysteriously disappers, Maggie becomes fed up with dictatorial hold on the show, and her implementing story points that are not canon. Maggie tells Marie that she is going to go to the principal in the morning, and finally put an end to the show. Maggie starts to walk away, while Marie goes back inside. Suddenly, Maggie comes face to face with a scarecrow. The Scarecrow grabs her with it's vines and takes her away. Marie, who heard Maggie's screaming, comes back outside, just to see the monster leaving with her friend. Marie runs, but it's too late. Maggie disappeared. All that's left is her bike, and a purple flower.

On the night of the show, Sam is taken by the Scarecrow and placed in the basement of the school where he finds Maggie and Mrs. Chandler alive, having been stashed away by the Scarecrow on orders of the goddess Calliope, because they threatened to put a stop to the show, which would mean Calliope would not be able to feed. While Calliope explains to Sam why she is choose a school production of Supernatural to feed at, Maggie hits Calliope on the head with a copy of Homer's Odyssey, allowing Mrs. Chandler to slide the blessed stake to Sam and kill her.