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Name Mac
Actor Taryn Terrell
Drake Rodger
Dates  ???? – 1962 (killed by cave in)
Occupation Hunter (formerly)
Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 1.06 Art of Dying


Mac was a hunter, whom Tracy Gellar believed was a dark soul from the get-go. Mac's childhood was one of abuse by his father and bullying from other kids. Believing if could kill real monsters, that would help with the pain he felt from his abusive childhood. But when simply becoming a hunter didn't help him, he turned to dark magic. However the power he gained from that only made him more violent, more aggressive, and an even more effective hunter.

While in Barbados hunting a pack of soucouyant with his fellow hunters Tracy, Darla and Rob. The dark magic began to fester a paranoia in Mac, believing his friends were out to get him. When he grew impatient to kill the final soucouyant, Mac pursued it into a cave, and believing Mac to be a danger to every, the hunters decided to set off C4 and cause a cave-in killing Mac.

Mac not receiving a hunter's funeral never sat right with Rob, and on the coming ten year anniversary of his death, travelled to Barbados to give Mac a proper hunter’s send off. However, Mac's spirit did not move on upon his death, and instead took possession of the soucouyant. Once freed from the cave, Mac went on a vendetta against his former friends.


1.06 Art of Dying