Lucas Kellinger

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Name Lucas Kellinger
Actor Christian Convery
Dates 1996 - 2004 (killed by Hugo Moriarty)
2004 - 2016 (spirit moves on)
Location St. Paul, Minnesota
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 12.03 The Foundry


Lucas lived with his mother in St. Paul, Minnesota and got a scar across his face from a dog attack. When he was eight years old in 2004, Lucas was murdered by the ghost of Hugo Moriarty who murdered any children who moved into the house his spirit resided in as he coveted the children for himself. Lucas' mother, who had checked on him just a minute before his murder, found him with his heart frozen and was devastated, unable to understand what had happened. Lucas was unable to move on to Heaven, with his soul bound to Hugo's which rendered him into a ghost, trapped with Hugo and four other children.


12.03 The Foundry

In 2016, a young couple entered the house, following the sound of a baby crying. Lucas grabbed the woman, Natalia, by the arm in an attempt to warn her, leaving frostbite in the shape of his handprint on her arm. However, Hugo murdered the couple in the same way he had Lucas and the other children.

When hunter Mary Winchester visited the house to solve the murders, Lucas manifested in an attempt to warn her, leaving Mary with a frostbite handprint as well before her son Dean dissipated Lucas with an iron crowbar. Dean and his brother Sam came to believe that Lucas and the other children Hugo murdered were the culprits and were mylings, but Mary had been able to sense that Lucas meant her no harm and was scared. As a result, while Sam and Dean went to salt and burn the bones of Lucas and the other murdered children, Mary called Lucas' mother and learned of his manner of death.

After learning of Lucas' innocence, Mary returned to the house where Lucas manifested once more. After Mary disarmed herself, she asked Lucas for help and he directed her to the basement. There, Lucas pleaded for Mary's help and pointed to the wall behind which Hugo's remains resided when Mary asked who had him trapped. Hugo attacked and possessed Mary at which point Lucas disappeared, but he reappeared to direct Sam to the correct wall when Sam went into the basement. Thanks to Lucas' direction, Sam was able to locate Hugo's remains and salt and burn them.

As Hugo's ghost went up in flames, Lucas and the spirits of the other children bound by Hugo appeared and surrounded him. The children watched as Hugo was destroyed and then, no longer bound to him, began ascending to Heaven. The last child left, Lucas turned to Mary who gave him a sad nod. With that, Lucas moved onto Heaven, no longer trapped on Earth.