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Louden Swain at the launch of their new album "No Time Like the Present". photo posted by Billy Moran

Actor Rob Benedict is also the lead singer in the band Louden Swain. The band comprises Rob Benedict (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Michael Borja (Bass & Vocals), Billy Moran (Guitars & Vocals) and Stephen Norton (Drums & Vocals). They are based in L.A.

They got their start back in 1997 when Benedict, Michael Borja, and Stephen Norton met at Northwestern University in Illinois in 1997. Guitarist Billy Moran joined the band in 2005 and their music truly has grown to completion.

The band is named after Matthew Modine’s character’s name Louden Swain in the 1985 movie Vision Quest.

Louden Swain have performed at various Supernatural converntions, such as the Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2010 convention on March 27, 2010.

Over the past few years, lucky attendees to Supernatural conventions have been treated to performances by Louden Swain with their intimate yet rocking "Saturday Night Special" concerts. The guys also have a blast entertaining fans throughout those weekends as the house band.

They boast a long list of albums, beginning in 2001 with “Able-Legged Heroes,” 2003’s “Overachiever,” 2006’s “Suit and Tie,” 2009’s “A Brand New Hurt,” 2011’s “Eskimo,” and 2014’s “Sky Alive”. Their seventh album, "No Time Like The Present," was released on Jan 13th, 2017 through Omnivore Recordings and ADA Music.