Lorraine Fox

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Name Lorraine Fox
Actor Laurie Paton
Location Emerson, Manitoba, Canada
Episode(s) 12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


Lorraine Fox was the mother of hunter Asa Fox. Lorraine hated the fact that her son was a hunter, and did whatever she could to keep him from going out on hunts, from hiding his gear to sabotaging his jeep. She is the grandmother of Alicia and Max Banes, the children of Asa of Tasha Banes.


12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

After her son Asa is killed. Lorraine welcomes his hunter friends to her home for his wake. At the wake, the demon Jael, whom Asa had been hunting, and whom it is presumed killed him, slits the throat of hunter Randy Bull and hangs him from the ceiling above Asa's body. Those present at the wake, realize that the demon is possessing each of them in turn.

As Sam is making a devil's trap, Jody approaches him and begins making a paranoid plea that Mary is possessed by Jael. When Sam tells her she doesn't sound like herself, Dean figures out that Jody is possessed. One by one, Jael approaches everyone taunting them about what he has learned from possessing them, including that Asa was the father of the twin witches Alicia and Max Banes. The demon finally forces Bucky Sims to reveal that he was the one that actually killed Asa. Mary Winchester is able to complete the exorcism, forcing Jael out of Jody and sending the demon back to Hell.

As they burn the remains of Asa and Jael's other victims, Lorraine decides to spend time getting to know her grandchildren.