List of Original Fan Songs

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Songs listed here are original songs written and performed by fans.

  • John's Song - by Olivia Chrestomanci, posted July 2008
  • The Gun - by Heather Thomas, posted March 2008
  • Santa Gabe-y - written and sung by tiptoe39, posted December 2010
  • Sky Pilot - by Olivia Chrestomanci, posted May 2009
  • Lost Year - by Olivia Chrestomanci, posted March 2011
  • Tuesday by spnguitarwriter. Posted May 2011
  • [1] Supernatural song by Helena Lücking Harder
  • [2] Endless by Freya Von-Claire. Posted July 2013
  • [3] This is Supernatural by Helena Harder
  • haste the day by The After Effect on their Overdrive EP released April 5th, 2014 (The singer, guitarist and bassist are fans of the show)