Lily Sunder

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Name Lily Sunder
Actor Alicia Witt
Occupation Professor of Apocalyptic Studies
Episode(s) 12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


Lily Sunder made studying angels her life's work, eventually learning a spell that would summon an angel -- Ishim. Ishim would go on to teach and reveal everything he knows about angels to Lily before becoming infatuated and obsessed with her, forcing her to seek protection from the angel Akobel. After the murder of her family, Lily steeped herself in Enochian magic to give her strength to fight and extend her life, at the cost of her soul burning away with each spell. For over a century she waited and after the angel fall, her opportunity for revenge finally presented itself and she began hunting the angels down in 2017.


Lily Sunder, Akobel and May.

12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

In Orono, Maine, Ishim leads a contingent of angels (including Castiel) to Lily's home under the pretense of killing a Nephilim. When Lily and Akobel confront the angels on their porch, Akobel tells her to go back inside, take her daughter, and run. As Lily hastily prepares to run, she notices Akobel's death outside. Once Ishim enters the home, he telekinetically separates Lily from her daughter. Telling her she broke his heart and now he is going to break hers, he kills May in front of Lily.