Lily Markham

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Name Lily Markham
Actor Sarah-Jane Redmond
Location Quaker Valley, Oregon
Episode(s) 11.04 Baby


Lily Markham was turned into a nachzehrer by Deputy Donelly to add to his ranks against the Darkness. After turning, Lily attempted to turn the rest of her family, succeeding with her children. When her husband, the sheriff of Quaker Valley refused, she killed him and ate his heart. However Deputy Donelly hadn't taught her how to properly dispose of bodies, leading to the arrival of hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester.


11.04 Baby

In the course of their investigation, Sam decides to interview Lily to try and find out why her husband was out in the woods where his body was found. Sam arrived at the Markham residence to the sight of two nachzehrers attacking Lily. After slowing the nachzehrers down with silver, Sam carried the unconscious Lily to a nearby neighbor's house and waited for Dean to pick them up.

Lily wakes up confused in the backseat of the Impala after Sam and Dean stopped at a gas station to try and get some pennies. Prompted by the noises coming from the cooler next to her, Lily opens it and is shocked to find the head of Deputy Donelly inside. After Dean sticks the cooler in the trunk, Lily begins talking about family, and how she had ruined everything. Lily suddenly attacks Dean from the backseat, demanding to know what he did with the maker's body, eventually knocking Dean out and driving off in the Impala to the crime scene where she reattaches Deputy Donelly's head to his body.

Lily is later knocked unconscious after Dean forces Deputy Donelly to crash the Impala. In their ensuing fight Dean is able to find some pennies to place in Donelly's mouth and decapitates him, reverting Lily and everyone else he had turned back to normal. Upon becoming human again, Lily shows immediate remorse for killing her husband and turning her kids. Once Dean gets the Impala to start, the two drive to the others and Lily is reunited with her children.