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Young Sam: Got your lighter?

Dean pulls an old lighter out of his pocket.

Dean: Whoa, I haven't seen this thing in years.

– Sam and Dean, 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

Sam and Dean have gone through their fair share of lighters and matches through the years. From igniting a corpse to lighting up a pine box six feet under, it's only practical for hunters like the Winchesters to carry a lighter in their pocket at all times. Not every lighter use fends off the supernatural, of course, like setting off fireworks with your little brother, even if you burn the whole field down. The boys tend to use a flip-top lighter. Though they sometimes use matches, they aren't always on hand, and Sam and Dean and their hunting buddies have taken to throwing their lighters into the graves, holy oil, or at the creatures if need be.


Not every incident that could involve a lighter can be documented, but below is a list comprised of every time a character has pulled out or used a lighter for the viewers to witness.

1.08 Bugs

Dean attempts to fend off a horde of insects with a lighter and a can of bug spray. The flames do little to keep the bugs from attacking him, Sam, or Larry Pike and his family, who are only saved by the end of the curse at daybreak.

1.10 Asylum

Once Dean finds the corpse of old Dr Ellicott, he manages to salt the body and sprinkle lighter fluid before being attacked by the ghost of Ellicott himself. He manages to reach his lighter and throw it onto the corpse just in time and the ghost crumbles out of existence.

1.11 Scarecrow

Dean uses his lighter to light a torch, which Emily uses to burn the First Tree and kill the Pagan god that had been taking passersby as sacrifices.

1.17 Hell House

When their ultimate plan to kill the Tulpa goes wrong, Mordechai Murdoch attacks, choking Sam. Dean runs in and uses a spray bottle and lighter against the creature.

After the Tulpa lets go of Sam, Dean activates his plan B by throwing down his lighter and the two escape along with Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler as the house goes up in flames.

1.19 Provenance

As Sam and Sarah Blake are attacked by the ghost of Melanie Merchant, Dean breaks into the Merchant family mausoleum to burn the young murderer's last remains. He uses his lighter to set the girl's favorite doll, made with her real hair, on fire, destroying the ghost.

2.05 Simon Said

While confronting Andrew Gallagher about his psychic abilities, Sam has a vision of a woman, Holly Beckett, who dies after receiving a call from her biological son, Ansem Weems (Webber), instructing her to kill herself. As she's at the gas station, she dowses herself in gasoline and pulls out a lighter, bursting into flames.

3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

Amanda Burns, part of a coven of witches in a suburban neighborhood, extracts revenge when Paul Dutton breaks off their affair in hopes of saving his marriage. After killing Paul's wife, she plants a Hex Bag in Paul's car, and Sam and Dean barely make it in time to save him from choking to death on his burger infested with maggots. Sam pulls out a lighter and sets the hex bag on fire, ending the spell.