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Name Lia
Actor Pascale Hutton
Dates  ???? - 2009 (surrenders her longevity)
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester


Lia was a witch who stays young, thanks to the powers of Patrick - who plays poker with people, gambling with years of their life. Lia wished to die, saddened that her daughter, now elderly has died.


5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Lia is seen in the bar talking to Patrick when Dean interrupts him. After Dean loses a game of poker to Patrick, he and Sam break into his hotel room, where they are confronted by Lia who attempts to use a spell to strangle them, but Patrick stops her. Later, she stops by the motel and gives Bobby and the Winchesters a reversal spell. As Dean and Bobby undertake to do it, Sam stalls Patrick by playing cards against him. When the spell fails, Dean's life is in the balance as Sam plays for real. She reveals that she gave them the spell to keep Patrick from killing Sam for cheating. Eventually, Sam manages to win the game and Patrick cashes the years in for Dean.

Later, Lia tells Patrick she wants to die, having long outlived her daughter, and they play a hand in which she loses all her years. She ages before Patrick's eyes and thanks him for letting her die.