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Letters to Cas was a project where fans sent in letters to Castiel. The Tumblr-based project was run by Megan (@ingenue_meg).Monnie (@squeemonster) collected the letters and bound them.

@squeemonster presented a copy of the book to Misha at Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2011, and it is planned to send copies to Sera Gamble and Eric Kripke.

Letters to cas2.jpg

from Letters to Cas:

I just wanted to see people reach out and talk about why they love the character of Castiel. Why him? What about him resonates so well with people? Why is it hitting so many of us so hard now that is character appears to have shattered since the finale? Why do we want, need, to see more of this character’s story? Why is he just as important as Sam and Dean Winchester?

I know that there are so many loyal, devoted Castiel fans out there who are just waiting to tell their side of the story. And maybe if we are strong enough, and our voices loud enough, it can make some form of difference.

At the very least, it will be something absolutely amazing for Misha Collins to read. I also want to clarify that no one here believes that Castiel is ‘real’ - these letters aren’t going to be magically mailed away and replied to.

This is an exercise - it’s catharsis, it’s expression. It’s no different to writing fanfiction about fictional characters, to creating graphics of fictional characters.

Especially in the case of a fandom like this, where opinion is so divided, people feel like they can’t say how they really feel. I think that’s such a shame, it’s so sad.

The overwhelming, arching theme in all of these letters is that this character made people look at themselves. At their own lives and at their own struggles.

I think that’s amazing, I would never want to begrudge anyone that.