Lester Morris

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Name Lester Morris
Actor David Nykl
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Montana
Episode(s) 10.02 Reichenbach
10.03 Soul Survivor

Men aren't built for monogamy... because of evolution. We're -- we're -- we're programmed, you know, to -- to spread our seed.

– Lester Morris, 10.02 Reichenbach


Lester Morris was a man who made a crossroads deal to have his wife -- Mindy -- killed after finding her having an affair.


10.02 Reichenbach

When Crowley offers Dean the chance to kill Mindy Morris to sate the Mark of Cain, since the crossroads deal involves her death it would be killing two birds with one stone if Dean did the deed, for which he somewhat reluctantly agrees to do. Just as Dean is prepared to enter the Morris home and kill Mindy, he notices Lester park across the street from the house and enters the car. When Dean questions why Lester is there, he tells him he wants to make sure everything goes right. With tears in his eyes he tells Dean Mindy flushed his life down the toilet by cheating on him and wanting a divorce. However, Dean doesn't buy what Lester is saying, claiming to know that Lester had been cheating on Mindy first. After Dean smacks Lester and calls him a loser, Lester demands Dean go in the house and kill his wife. Dean does not take kindly to Lester's demand and stabs him with the First Blade, killing him and voiding the crossroads contract, denying Crowley Lester's soul.

10.03 Soul Survivor

Lester is getting drunk at a bar, and lamenting the fact that his wife has left him when Sam overhears and takes a seat next to Lester. Lester tells him he wants to take revenge on his wife, but that it will never happen. Sam tells him it's possible for Lester to have revenge, as well as anything he wants. Sam takes Lester to a crossroads where he uses him to summon a crossroads demon in a devil's trap, however before Sam can intervene Lester makes a deal with Dar to have his wife killed.

10.04 Paper Moon

Lester is mentioned by Sam and Dean, when Dean questions Sam if there are other people out there that Sam used in the same way while he was looking for Dean.