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Name Lenore
Actor Amber Benson
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 2.03 Bloodlust
6.19 Mommy Dearest

Survival. No deaths, no missing locals, no reason for people like you to come looking for people like us. We blend in. Our kind is practically extinct. Turns out we weren't quite as high up the food chain as we imagined.

– Lenore, 2.03 Bloodlust


Lenore is the leader of a group of vampires who have decided to live without feeding on humans. Instead, they drink the blood of cattle.


2.03 Bloodlust

Gordon has discovered Lenore's group, who have been living peacefully in Red Lodge, Montana, and has started killing them. In an attempt to stop the killings, Lenore kidnaps Sam and explains their situation to him.

After she releases Sam unharmed, he explains the situation to Dean, who is incredulous. Dean has been raised to believe all supernatural beings are evil, and he struggles to overcome this belief.

Castiel kills Lenore.

Later, Gordon captures Lenore, restrains her using dead man's blood and tortures her. Even when in extreme pain from Gordon's torture and tempted with human blood from Sam as Gordon deliberately cuts Sam's wrist and holds it over Lenore's face, Lenore is able to control her vampiric urges. Dean and Sam free her and help Lenore and her group leave town.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

Sam and Dean use Lenore to reveal the location of Eve. Lenore gives them the location, and warns them that Eve knows they are coming. In return, she asks that she be killed. Lenore has recently fed on a human, and can no longer resist the temptation due to her connection with Eve. All of her followers have also gone back to feeding on humans. Although Sam and Dean are reluctant, Castiel eventually kills her with a touch to "move things along."