Lee Chambers

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Lee Chambers.jpg
Name Lee Chambers
Actor Ian Tracey
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by the vampire Seth)
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 7.11 Adventures in Babysitting


Lee was a hunter and father of Krissy, whose mother was killed by a supernatural creature. He knew Bobby Singer.


7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

Lee Chambers is a hunter pursuing what he thinks is a lone vetala. He has tracked them to a truck stop, not knowing that there is a pair of them - Sally and Marlene. He is poisoned by Marlene who is posing as a waitress, and she and Sally take him to feed on.

When Sam arrives at the truck stop, Sally lures him back between the trucks, and then she and Marlene overpower him. Later, when Sally is about to feed on Lee for a fourth time, which will probably kill him, Sam deliberately taunts her so she will feed on him instead.

When Dean arrives to rescue Sam and Lee, he knocks down Marlene, but Sally manages to grab Krissy Chambers who has followed Dean. However, Krissy stabs and kills Sally with a silver knife. Krissy frees Sam, and hands him her knife which he uses to kill Marlene.

Sam and Dean visit Lee in the hospital and advise him to get out of hunting. Lee protests that he got into for his family, and Dean says he should get out for the same reason. Later, Krissy tells Dean that they are leaving the life.

8.18 Freaks and Geeks

Talking with Dean about why she is back hunting, Krissy reveals that she and Lee actually did get out of the hunting life and started a normal life together, something they both enjoyed. However, one day Krissy found him with his throat ripped out by a vampire and she got back into the life to get revenge, joining a group of kids being trained by Victor Rogers.

Krissy is led to believe that an innocent woman who has recently turned into a vampire killed Lee as she has a necklace that Lee got from his wife. However, he was really killed by a vampire working with Victor to create a new, better generation of hunters. Krissy takes down the vampire with dead man's blood and it is later presumably killed, avenging Lee's and Aiden's and Josephine's families. Krissy nearly kills Victor in revenge for his role in Lee's death, but scares him instead, deciding that him living a life completely alone is a better form of revenge. Victor ultimately kills himself and Krissy decides to remain with her friends rather than go to an aunt in Cincinnati and live a normal life.


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