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The Lawrence Awards was a fan-driven listing of the best fanart, fanfiction, vids and websites of the Supernatural fandom.

The purpose of the Awards was to collect in one place a fandom-wide recommendation list for newcomers and old hands alike; to make permanent links to fan favorites widely available.

All nominations and voting was done by fans. There was no independent judging. All nominees, runners-up and winners were planned to be available on a permanent basis from the site to encourage linking.

The Lawrence Awards was planned to be an annual event, but only ran in 2006.


Nominations opened Monday, May 15th, 2006 and closed Sunday, May 28th (midnight, CST). Runoff voting in categories with more than ten nominated works opened on Monday, June 26th and closed on Tuesday, July 11th (midnight, CST). Final voting opened on Thursday, July 13th and closed on Wednesday, July 26th (midnight, CST). Winners were announced Friday, July 28th. (Source: winterlive on LJ).

External Links

The Lawrence Awards site appears inaccessible as of September, 2007. However, an archived link to the winners an be found here