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Sam's laptop


The blue image is from Cove Bikes in Vancouver.

Hellhouse laptop.jpg
Winchesters laptop thumb.jpg

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Re-drawn by _audrey

Technical Specifications

In Season One, the laptop was a Dell Inspirion, possibly a 6400 model. However, that laptop was destroyed in the crash at the end of Season One, and has since been replaced by a PowerBook G4 .

Interestingly, both laptops appear to be running the same operating system, something that looks like a GUI-modified Windows XP or a special distro of SUSE Linux. The web browser is almost certainly based on Netscape Navigator, an early forerunner to the Firefox browser.

Laptop2.jpg Laptop screencap.jpg


In 2.06 No Exit Sam's email address is swinchester@mail.srv. He has had frequent contact with Ash, someone named Ross (about something 'Important' and something 'WTF'), and dwinchester@mailer.srv, and received email from a few other addresses, including lgsprime@mail.srv, hellhounds@remailer.jpgsrv, sateyns_@2noob.srv, and prg_34@mail.srv. There are also multiple account service notices, and he either gets a lot of spam or doesn't bother clearing out his spam folder.

Ash's laptop

Ash and his custom-built laptop.

Screencaps from official site

As laptop is loading.
Loaded - After clicking on laptop in trunk.
After clicking on Supernatural Research Links on desktop.
After clicking on Hunter's Blog. Username and password are provided through the Season 1 DVD. See Hunter's Blog.

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