Lake Champlain

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Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain traverses New York , Vermont and Quebec and is supposedly inhabited by a twenty-five- to thirty-foot-long monster nicknamed Champ. Champ was first seen in 1833 by Sheriff Nathan H. Mooney and has been sighted over 240 times since. The 109-mile-long Lake Champlain is similar to Loch Ness in that both are deep, freshwater lakes that were created 10,000 years ago. Lake Champlain 's maximum depth of 400 feet is quite impressive as a potential monster hiding place, and its large fish population is more than enough to feed a small group of lake monsters.

Around one-third of the Champ sightings are of a creature with a long sinuous neck and a body with one or more humps. Other eyewitnesses report seeing a creature with one or more humps but with no visible head. The theories as to what type of animal Champ may be are identical to those suggested for the Loch Ness Monster, although lake monster-hunter Joseph Zarzynski favors the plesiosaur as the leading candidate. Also like Loch Ness, there are photographs and video footage of the monster, but most of it is tantalizing but inconclusive.

Pad of Definitions (1.03 Dead in the Water), Official Website

1.03 Dead in the Water

Sam: Loch Ness, uh, Lake Champlain, there are literally hundreds of eyewitness accounts, but here, almost nothing.

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