Kurt Mueller

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Name Kurt Mueller
Actor G. Patrick Currie
Dates  ???? - 2007 (killed by Madison)
Location San Francisco, California
Episode(s) 2.17 Heart


Kurt Mueller was the violent ex-boyfriend of Madison


2.17 Heart

Sam and Dean believed Kurt to be the prime candidate as the werewolf running around killing people after Madison's boss is killed. Dean goes off to investigate while Sam stays with Madison, first breaking in to Kurt's apartment, but finding nothing to suggest he is the werewolf. Later in the week, Dean tracks Kurt down to a strip club and stakes him out. When Dean follows Kurt back to his apartment, he readies his gun when suddenly, he hears glass shattering. He looks back up to see the lights off in the house.

Dean runs to the apartment and bursts through the door, upon entering one of the rooms, he sees Madison hovering over Kurt's mauled body.


  • Kurt is suspected to be a werewolf. The Turkish word kurt means wolf.