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Kuma Blu, known as Kuma, is a Samoyed belonging to First A.D. Kevin Parks and camera operator Jill MacLauchlan. Their previous dog Chilko also appeared on Supernatural.

Kuma appeared in the background of the opening scene of 9.02 Devil May Care when Sam and Dean are in the park. He was also in a scene in 9.07 Bad Boys along with Aiden Glass (son of writer Adam Glass), but the scene was cut.

Kuma also appeared in 10.13 Halt & Catch Fire, 11.19 The Chitters, 12.07 Rock Never Dies, and 12.11 Regarding Dean. Kuma makes a final appearance in 15.20 Carry On, being walked in the park Sam is at with his son.

Kuma became a fan favourite at the Supernatural conventions in Vancouver.

Kuma on set in early 2013 at 9 weeks of age
Kuma sharing directing credits with Kevin during the filming of Bad Boys in August 2013