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Name Kubrick
Actor Michael Massee
Dates  ???? - 2007 (killed by Gordon Walker)
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock
3.07 Fresh Blood

Ask yourself, why are we here? Because you saw a picture on the web? Because we chose this motel instead of another? Luck like that doesn't just happen.

– Kubrick, 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock


Kubrick was a hunter and a friend of Gordon Walker, who teamed up with Gordon to track down the Winchesters. He lived in an RV.


3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Kubrick visits Gordon Walker in prison. He explains that, contrary to Gordon's beliefs, he has found out that Sam was trying to keep the Devil's Gate in Wyoming from opening. Gordon states that he doesn't believe Sam is even human, and must be killed. A series of coincidences helps Kubrick and Creedy track Sam down and they capture him, but are foiled by Dean. Returning to Gordon, Kubrick states he now believes that he is on a mission from God to kill Sam. While Gordon obviously disbelieves this, he enlists Kubrick's help in planning his escape.

3.07 Fresh Blood

Kubrick helps Gordon to track the Winchesters. When Gordon becomes a vampire, he tells Kubrick to let him live long enough to kill Sam. Nevertheless, Kubrick attempts to kill him and so Gordon kills him by ripping his heart out.